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The Security Guards Were Nice Enough To Let Him Use One Of Their Parking Spots, But When A Visiting Boss Wanted It Instead, He Got His Car Towed

by Trisha Leigh

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Ah, company politics.

Nobody likes them, but listen – what tea would we have to spill if they didn’t exist?

This guy had an assigned parking spot pretty far away, so when a friendly security guard offered him one of their spaces they gladly accepted.

And then the fun began…

No, that is not a company spot, that is my spot…

When I started at my new company, we had used all assigned parking spots in the adjacent parking garage, and I was given a spot in a building a couple of blocks away.

When I got in early one morning and had to be let in by security as the building was not yet unlocked, I talked with the security guard briefly, and this started a bit of a friendship.

After a week or so he asked why I always came through the front door, instead of through the parking garage and I explained my situation.

He ended up giving me one of the extra spots that was assigned to the security staff.

It was a great deal.

I was only allowed to park there Monday-Thursday as they needed the spot for cleaning crews on Friday. This spot is only about 20 feet from the pedestrian bridge to the building, so it is a pretty nice set-up.

We also have 2 company visitor spots in the same adjacent lot, however they are on the top floor (along with the rest of the spots assigned to our company), exposed to the sun, and require walking down three flights to get to the pedestrian bridge.

Until a visiting senior employee noticed his sweet spot and parked in it.

We have had a Senior Engineer visiting from a different office for the last two weeks, parking in the visitor’s spot.

On Tuesday we went to our cars together, and he saw where I was parked.

Well when I got to work yesterday, he was already in my parking spot.

I headed up to one of the visitor spots, and let him know that he needed to move his vehicle out of my spot, or his car might be towed (we are right downtown and have many people who park in this garage without permission).

He tried to warn the guy it wasn’t a company spot, but he wouldn’t listen.

He told me that it was fine, don’t worry about it, it was a company parking spot, and that could just stay in the visitor’s spot.

I told him that I really did not think that was a good idea, and tried to explain, but he brushed me off.

I followed up with an email letting him know that the spot was not leased by our company, but that I just had permission to park there until a spot opened in the garage.

I parked in my assigned spot in the other parking garage (boss man does not like non-visitors parking in the visitor’s spot so I was not about to stay there) and didn’t worry about it, just like I was told.

The car was towed.

Well come lunch time, Senior Engineer comes storming back into the office.

Apparently, Security Guard saw that the vehicle parked in my spot was not my crappy Civic, but rather a Tesla, and decided to have the vehicle towed.

The bad news is, he lost his spot and the security guard probably got into trouble.

Not exactly sure what came of this, and I bet I will find out later today, but I am happy that I sent the CYA email as Senior Engineer outranks me by a considerable margin, and I do not need someone thinking that I left him high and dry out of spite.

I should note that while we have spots assigned to our company, each vehicle gets assigned its own spot.

Occasionally we will have people park in our assigned spots, and Security will call our office to confirm if this is someone we are allowing to park there, or if this is someone parking improperly.

So if it had been a company spot, Senior Engineer’s assumption would have been correct.

We got no such call, and Security Guard does not have my personal number.

It might have been worth it otherwise, though.

Let’s find out if Reddit feels the same!

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It’s no big secret.

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What a jerk, honestly.

People who think the rules don’t apply to them are the worst!

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