May 19, 2024 at 10:32 pm

Costco Expert Shows How Good Their Car Batteries Are Because Of The Price And Warranty

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@costcomarkhameast

Deals! Come get yer deals!

And is there a better place to find one than Costco?

A TikTok user named @costcomarkhameast is here to tell us all about why the batteries at Costco are just worth it.

Source: TikTok/@costcomarkhameast

He gets right to it in this quick 15 second video, saying

“This is why you should always buy your car batteries from Costco.”

And get ready for a rapid-fire 3 point list from the Costco legend himself.

Source: TikTok/@costcomarkhameast

His first tip is pretty glaring: THE PRICE.

“The price can’t be beat, it’s the lowest pricing you’ll find on the Kirkland batteries.”

The second reason is the incredible Warranty.

He explains, “…within 48 months they will replace your battery for free if it dies and prorate it after that.”

Source: TikTok/@costcomarkhameast

Wellllll this is already sounding like a sale to me.

Check out his full video here:


Costco Pro Tip. Always buy your car batteries from Costco 🇨🇦. 3 Reasons why: 1) Lowest price for Kirkland Batteries 2) Best warranty period you’ll find. 48 months fully refundable, prorated after that. 3) $10 core charge refund when you bring in the old battery back to Costco. (do other places do this? No idea) #costcocanada #costcomarkhameast #Costco #Costcohaul #MrCME #CostcoFinds #Costcoclearance #costcoexclusive

♬ Fire for You (Sped Up) – Cannons

This person remembered the days of battery yore.

Source: TikTok/@costcomarkhameast

While this person had to call out Walmart for their battery deal.

Source: TikTok/@costcomarkhameast

And folks had to jump in the correct this person.

Source: TikTok/@costcomarkhameast

One more reason to love Costco.

As if you needed it.

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