September 24, 2023 at 10:29 am

‘These kids were playing in their mothers’ wombs.’ A Mom Accidentally Enrolled Her Son In Travel Soccer And He’s Never Played Before

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@cfayee

Sink or swim, kid!

Sure, every child is different and every parent does things their own way, but sometimes it’s not such a bad idea to let a child get in over their head (in a safe way, of course) so they can learn and grow.

A mom shared a TikTok video and talked to viewers about what happened when she accidentally signed her son up for travel soccer…even though he had never played the sport before.

She said she signed him up for soccer at his request but realized that she might have made a mistake after another mom questioned how much she paid for him to play.

She thought that was strange but just rolled with it and also didn’t question why her son was asked to get fitted for a uniform.

When she got the schedule, she realized that she had signed him up for competitive travel soccer.


Source: TikTok/@cfayee

She was told it was too late to get a refund so she decided to not tell her son about her mistake and to see how it all played out.

It wasn’t until she took her son to practice for the first time that he realized something might have been amiss and asked, “is this rec?”

Source: TikTok/@cfayee

She got busted!

She said, “This kid woke up on a Tuesday and decided he wanted to play soccer, and by the looks of it, these kids were playing in their mothers’ wombs.”

And she said she was worried that her son might never talk to her again.

Source: TikTok/@cfayee

Check out what she had to say.


Gonna be an interesting season for sure ⚽️🥅 #fyp #foryou #doitfortheplot #parentsoftiktok #parentingfails

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She posted a follow-up video and, to her relief, her son actually had a good time at his first soccer practice and it sounds like he’s gonna stick it out!

‘Atta boy!

Check out what else she had to say in her second video.


But do I make it a series 🤔 #fyp #thesoccersaga #parentingfails #momsoftiktok #parentsoftiktok

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And here’s how people responded.

One TikTok user said he’ll have plenty of time to improve.

Source: TikTok/@cfayee

Another person said he might as well jump right in!

Source: TikTok/@cfayee

And this viewer recommended he watch some YouTube videos.

Source: TikTok/@cfayee

One advantage of playing with kids that are MUCH better than you… you might just get better.

Hey, you never know!