September 12, 2023 at 12:33 pm

‘This mountain peak has been frozen for probably thousands of years.’ Scientists Are Blaming Climate Change For A Mountain’s Collapse

by Trisha Leigh

Source: YouTube/ Christian Hutter

Scientists have been warning us for some time that climate change is already altering what our planet looks like, as well as how it functions.

Now an entire mountain has collapsed in the Alps, and they say that thawing permafrost is to blame.

There’s footage of the collapse, which shows millions of cubic feet of stone falling to pieces as the Fluchthorn disintegrates.

The mountain fell apart in June 2023, and was formerly part of the Silvretta Alps.

Scientists say rising temperatures caused frozen ground to thaw and therefore become unstable – and that the Fluchthorn won’t be the last mountain to disappear as climate changes reshapes the landscape of our world. Temperatures in the Alps are rising at an “alarming rate” as glaciers and permafrost both fade away for good.

The peak is shorter now by 330 feet, meaning the mountain as a whole is shorter by 60 feet.

Christoph Otto, a geologist at the University of Salzburg, spoke about the phenomenon with Live Science.

“This mountain peak has been frozen for probably thousands of years. The mountain peak failure at Fluchthorn is most likely the result of extreme temperatures last summer or fall. …Considering the ongoing temperature increase in the Alps, more events are probable.”

We don’t really need scientists to tell us these things anymore, right?

We can see the changes – for the worse – with our own collective eyes.