September 25, 2023 at 8:09 am

‘Their mind has crumbled.’ Employee Talks About How District Managers Set Impossible Standards For Staff And Are “Delusional”

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@spicyspamburrito

This former Ulta manager called out district managers, claiming “surprise visits” caused her stress and she didn’t even have health insurance!

TikToker @Spicyspamburrito told her followers she believed district managers, regardless of what area they worked in, “be it food services, be it retail,” are all “delusional.”

She was very specific, “This is a group of people that has been distant from actual customer service for so long, working a salaried job, where they don’t actually have to do anything.”

Source: TikTok/@spicyspamburrito

The TikToker was NOT holding back.

“Their mind has crumbled,” she said. “I was a manager but also a glorified key holder. Six days a week, I got there at 6pm. I was the manager on duty and then I closed at 10pm. I didn’t really manage people, I didn’t hire or fire people.  I wasn’t controlling anything in there, I just had a key. District managers would do these surprise visits, ambush me at like 8.30pm on a Wednesday. Walk through the store and ask me why it looked the way it did.”


Source: TikTok/@spicyspamburrito

She continued, “They would point to a gondola of Urban Decay makeup and be like: ‘Why does it look like this? It should be so much cleaner than this.  You should take pride in your work, you should take pride in every item on the floor.'”

Yeah, these folks sound like real treats.

Source: TikTok/@spicyspamburrito

AND if looks could kill, we’re pretty sure this girl has got that!

“Ma’am, I don’t even have health insurance,” she said, fuming.

We ABSOLUTELY feel your pain!

The clip has now been set to private, but we were able to capture people’s thoughts on their district managers.

OOOF, nasty!  This district manager really sucked.

Source: TikTok/@spicyspamburrito

This sounds the height of ridiculousness!

Source: TikTok/@spicyspamburrito

Some people just seem to have to be telling others off!

Source: TikTok/@spicyspamburrito

Hang in there fam! Or get another job. Either or.