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Her Mom Hid Her Acceptance Letter To Her Dream College, But Now Is Claiming Her Daughter “Gave Her Trauma” After The Confrontation.

by Abby Jamison

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Moms can think they’re protecting you when really, they’re holding you back.

That’s what’s happening to this Reddit user, but now their mom is accusing them of inflicting trauma.

Let’s see how it all played out…

AITA for telling my mom i can up and leave and she’s the worst thing that ever happened to me?

“ok, so, i’ve had a lot of fights with my mom over the years.

i’m 17, ill be 18 soon and for me, it’s college time.

i’ve been getting into fights with her about college since i was 14 (mainly her telling me i wasn’t going and me telling her i was).

it was never a financial thing, but she felt i didn’t have the personality to go to college.

we keep having fights about this to this day.

This is where things start to heat up.

apparently, a little while ago, i got into one of my dream unis. i had been dreaming about this uni for years.

and i got in on a scholarship, (not full-ride, but i had a lot of tuition off) and with the amount i was awarded, i could have paid for college myself (housing was free).

she hid it from me.

i have lost access to my email for a while, so i was relying on using her account to check for responses.

but for a while, she wouldn’t let me check, and she just said i didn’t get any responses yet, and i believed her.

You can guess where this is going…

the other day, she went to the washroom, i got into her phone and i saw the email.

i yelled more than i ever had, i swore at her for the first time in my life.

i told her i’d pay for college myself, she’s the worst thing that ever happened to me and once i was gone, i would never be speaking to her again.

my mom isn’t talking to me anymore. my dad is travelling. my sister is in college.

i cant speak to anyone, but apparently my mother spoke to her therapist and believes i inflicted trauma creating words on her purely out of teenage angst.

i don’t think it was angst, i genuinely can’t express the anger i feel rn.

but i do wanna know if i gave my mom trauma? AITA?”

Let’s take to Reddit and see what the commenters think.

This user says NTA and suggests getting help.

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Another commenter offers some sage advice.

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Someone else can unfortunately relate to the situation.

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This Reddit user wishes them the best!

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Nothing’s worse than when the person you should trust the most betrays you.

Hopefully now this person gets to school and succeeds on her own!

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