September 27, 2023 at 12:38 am

‘Why don’t y’all know that your kids are not performing?’ 7th Grade Teacher Said Students Are Performing At A 4th Grade Level Or Lower

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@qbthedon

From the stories I’ve heard lately, America’s schools are not in great shape these days.

And a seventh-grade teacher posted a video on TikTok that is doing absolutely nothing to dispel those rumors.

The teacher said that students have fallen behind in our nation’s schools and he added, “We all know that the world is behind, like you know globally, like because of the pandemic and stuff. But I don’t understand why they not stressing to y’all like how bad it is.”

Source: TikTok/@qbthedon

He then went on to say something that probably shocked a lot of people: “Imma just say this. I teach seventh grade, they are still performing on a fourth-grade level.”

Source: TikTok/@qbthedon

He said that kids are being moved up grade levels even when they shouldn’t be.

He added, “Ain’t nobody talking about how they just keep passing them on.”

The teacher ended the video with a question and said, “Why don’t y’all know that your kids are not performing on their grade levels?”

Source: TikTok/@qbthedon

Here’s what he had to say.


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Now check out how people reacted.

This viewer talked about their mom’s experience as a teacher.

Source: TikTok/@qbthedon

Another individual said schools are only concerned with attendance.

Source: TikTok/@qbthedon

And this TikTokker said teachers can’t do it all and parents need to be helping out with this at home.

Source: TikTok/@qbthedon

Sign of the times, I suppose.