October 4, 2023 at 12:24 pm

‘The starting salary is $74k.’ Stay-At-Home Mom Shows How Capital One Pays $35/Hr To Work From Home With No Degree

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@momsthatworkfromhome

If y’all thought not having a college degree was gonna hold you back!

Forget it.  Check this out!

Capital One will pay someone without a degree a starting rate of $74 to $84k to work from home and you don’t need a piece of paper from any college!

Source: TikTok/@momsthatworkfromhome

TikToker Grace Waterman has advised folks looking for a job, to head over to the Capital One website, tap in travel specialist and remote and get HOOKED UP!

“You’ll be assisting clients and booking travel from commercial flights, hotels, vacation homes and car rental and using an online travel tool called GDS to book and communicate with the suppliers, working with suppliers around the world, to get the best perks, rates and services on the market,” Grace told her followers.

Source: TikTok/@momsthatworkfromhome

“Ideally they’re looking for someone who has experience in a travel agency, so, if you’ve booked travel for clients before, you’re already one step ahead,” Grace said.

BUT if you don’t have that experience you’re still in with a shot!

AND you can work from home!

With that salary and that perk, what’s not to love?

Source: TikTok/@momsthatworkfromhome

Capital One do want applicants to have a high school diploma or GED.  And you gotta be down to work in a high pressure environment with tight deadlines.

“I love that it has flexible working hours and you need to be available to work on the evenings and weekends,” Grace said.

“For someone who doesn’t have a college degree and the starting salary is $74k, $35 an hour, that’s amazing, in my opinion,” she added.

We absolutely agree – where do we sign?!

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what y’all thought:

Folks hollering for more jobs this good!

Source: TikTok/@momsthatworkfromhome

Props to this lady – she’s going to pay off her Capital One card if she gets this shot!

Source: TikTok/@momsthatworkfromhome

Nooooo!!! Some folks think it’s already too late to apply – ah we say get that application in anyway!

Source: TikTok/@momsthatworkfromhome

Seems like more and more of these kinds of jobs will be popping up, so keep those eyes peeled!

Go get that money, fam!