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‘Eyes went wide. Heads were shaking. Panic was setting in.’ This Teacher Got the Last Laugh After Students Pranked Them

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

A lot of Pro Revenge stories on Reddit can be mean and some are downright NASTY.

But this story is a little bit different!

It’s a wholesome revenge story that will make you smile and laugh!

A high school teacher talked about how they got the last laugh on some students who tried to pull a fast one.

Students pranked me. I had the last laugh.

“I spent about 10 years teaching high school humanities at a small private school.

For my first two years, I didn’t have a classroom, just a small office I would bring what I needed for each class on a cart and go from room to room, depending on which teacher had a prep at any given time. This was incredibly inconvenient and, not being the most organized of teachers to begin with, made things difficult to keep track of.

And some students were up to no good…

There were a group of 11th grade boys who decided to make things a little more difficult for me. They were good kids, we got along well, I coached several of them on the school soccer team, but they decided that since my office would often be empty, it was a great place to prank.

It was never anything too serious, things falling over when I opened the door, or things disappearing for a day and then turning up in a different place the next day. Nothing was ever damaged, and I could never prove who it was, even though I knew.

And then they saw a golden opportunity to get back at these troublesome kids.

My school had mandatory final exams in each academic course. I didn’t really think they were necessary, so I would generally make them pretty easy with a lot of preparation.

I would give out study sheets and play review games for a couple of weeks before the test, and there was no reason the students wouldn’t do well on them.

I had approval of admin to do this as they weren’t particularly fond of the final exam rule either, it was as school board policy.

And then a brilliant idea was born in their brain.

A few nights before the offending boys had their exam, I had a brainwave. I created a second exam. Gone were the multiple choice questions and obvious things from the review sheets. In their place came detailed questions about concepts that were briefly mentioned in class. Essay question after essay question.

Ambiguous questions with no clear answers. Definitions of words that there was no way they knew.

It took a couple of hours, but I laughed the whole time.

And it seemed like the plan they came up worked like a charm.

When the test came, I had the special exams at the bottom of the pile and handed them out to each of the four or five boys.

I told my vice-principal what was happening and he insisted on being present.

I started the timer and watched as the boys flipped over their papers.

It was all I could do to keep a straight face.

Eyes went wide. Heads were shaking. Panic was setting in, especially as they saw all their classmates flying through their exams.

Take that, you little pests!

It seems like this teacher got the last laugh!

One of the boys raised their hand. “Sorry, no questions during the final. You should be prepared based on your study sheets.”

I let them go for about five or ten minutes of terror before I gathered the fake tests and gave them the real ones.

They all passed with flying colours and never pranked my office again. It was glorious.”

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Now this is the kind of wholesome prank that we all love.

Good job all around!