October 3, 2023 at 2:29 am

‘I can do 2025, can you?’ Guy Shows Hilarious Reality Of Making Plans As A Teen Vs An Adult

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@jimenezzz._

This guy posted a funny video about how easy it was to catch up with friends as a teenager, compared to adulthood…and we’re feeling it!

You remember when you were a teenager and you would make plans on the fly?

Source: TikTok/@jimenezzz._

You call up a buddy and ask him if you can spend the night at their place?

Your friend responds: “You can stay the whole weekend, dude!”

Then the clip shows his later perspective of adulthood and all the fun’s been drained out of his existence!

Source: TikTok/@jimenezzz._

He asks his friend: “What you doin’ Friday?”

His friend responds: “Oh, I work Friday.”

And then explains he doesn’t get off work until late.

He then asks if his friend is free Saturday and he’s busy then too.

Then finally when his friend asks if he’s free, he’s busy Sunday!

Source: TikTok/@jimenezzz._

Maybe the can meet up next month, or even next year!

He then winds up saying: “I can do 2025, can you?”

Watch the full clip here:


kinda sad if you think about it 😓

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Here’s what folks thought:

People are feeling it!

Source: TikTok/@jimenezzz._

Some folk plan their work round their social life.

Source: TikTok/@jimenezzz._

This guy’s got the funniest comment!

Source: TikTok/@jimenezzz._

So… when can you hang out? lol