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His Friend Didn’t Save Up Money For A Group Road Trip, But They’re Going To Leave Him Even Though His Mom Would Foot The Bill

by Matthew Gilligan

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One bad apple can ruin any trip, especially if it’s a ROAD trip.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a car with someone you didn’t like for days on end, you might just lose your mind.

Was this guy a jerk for how he treated his friend who couldn’t afford to go on a group road trip?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for telling my unemployed friend he can’t tag along on a road trip?

“Some of my friends and I have been planning a cross country road trip this summer, mainly to celebrate me and another guy getting our degrees, also just because it would be fun.

This week we finally went in and planned out a budget, breaking down costs and what each person needs to bring to the table in terms of cash for it all to work out.

There’s a problem…

Which is where the issue comes in – one of the guys (M25) that was supposed to go is essentially unemployed, he lives with his parents and does DoorDashing on the side sometimes.

Since we’ve been planning this for a while and he’s been active in the planning we kind of assumed he’d be putting aside some cash for it.

Turns out he hasn’t been, he’s completely out of cash, and he hasn’t even been DoorDashing at all for the past couple months.

We’re trying to help him out by asking, okay, how much cash do you think you’ll be able to get by then, maybe we can all pitch in and float the difference.

He clearly wasn’t getting the message.

He says DoorDashing barely gets him any money, he won’t be able to come up with anything substantial and it’s ridiculous of us to expect him to get enough cash in such a short time (about two months).

Finally he sends a message saying he’s on the phone with his mom and she’s willing to pitch in the cash for his part.

Sorry, dude!

I get mad and I tell him that we’re not going to be taking any cash from his mom, that it’s not fair to her and it’s not fair to the rest of us who’ve actually put in the work to save up for a trip like this.

He says, okay, I guess I’m not going then, and now he won’t respond to any of us.

Now I’m left feeling like a jerk for leaving him out of something we’ve all been planning together and that he’s been so excited for.


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Listen, I’m not saying the friend isn’t a loser.

But his mom paying seemed like none of their business.

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