May 20, 2024 at 6:26 pm

Server Is Treated To A Condescending Lecture In Manners After She Addresses A Table Of Elderly Customers As “You Guys”

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

Being a server means you’re constantly walking on eggshells, especially if you’re serving older customers.

It’s like they have a secret list of common phrases and sayings that are completely and utterly unacceptable to their ears!

Unfortunately for TikTok user @no_one_important900, that’s exactly what happened when she addressed a table as “you guys”, resulting in a lesson in manners from an elderly customer.

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

Her video starts off with her trying to be NICE to the customers, wishing them a great rest of their day and saying that “I hope you guys enjoyed your meal.”

But somehow, even her politeness was enough to incense an older woman she had served.

“Let me help you, don’t call me a guy! You is plural. Did you take English? It bothers me because you is cool, but you guys is everybody. I’m a woman, and I didn’t get made up to that.”

And even when she tries to explain she was only wishing her and the man she was with a good night, the woman is still determined to be her English teacher!

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

“Well then you can wish him a good day, and then you can say, Madam, you have a good one!”

At this point the poor girl looks like she wants to crawl out of her skin.

“It’s become a thing. I see young ladies and I think they should call you darling, dear, y’all even because we’re in the South!”

The old woman then proceeds to criticize just about everyone in the US’ way of speaking, as if going after her server wasn’t enough!

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

“Some people come down here from Pennsylvania and Ohio, and will say “you’s guys”, its not “you’s guys”, its you.”

And the girl awkwardly agrees and tries to end the conversation, but the world’s leading expert in grammar is not letting her off that easy!

“See, I grew up in the Bronx. I can turn back to me in a heartbeat, but the South is known for hospitality and family, so you can address me as you.”

Doesn’t it go against the whole point of good manners to sit there and condescend someone for the way that they speak?

Check out her ridiculous tirade for yourself!


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TikTok was shocked at Jade’s patience, with many saying they would have ended the conversation much sooner!

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

Others loved the complete lack of reaction Jade gave the woman.

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

Others suggested she just repeat the same thing that got the woman so mad in the first place.

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

This user couldn’t get over the fact that the woman wanted Jade to call her madam!

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

And finally, this user said she would have stopped the customer the second she decided to put her hands on her!

Source: TikTok/@no_one_important900

“You have a great day, madam!”

Seriously, are we in Victorian England?

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