October 18, 2023 at 12:30 pm

‘Having to sit at a desk for 7 to 10 hours a day.’ A Former Public School Teacher Highlights The Time That Homeschooled Kids Save By Not Sitting In A Classroom

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@mindfull.mentor

Homeschooling kids is a pretty divisive subject these days and folks seem to have some pretty strong feelings on the subject.

The mom you’re about to meet used to work as a public school teacher and now homeschools kids and, according to her, kids aren’t missing out of much if they’re taught at home.

She said that going to a public school means sitting at a desk for hour after hour every day, and she doesn’t think that’s a good thing.

Source: TikTok/@mindfull.mentor

She also pointed out that only kids who are young get to go outside and have a recess period and that all kids sit during lunch, too…so there’s not a whole lot of movement going on.

Source: TikTok/@mindfull.mentor

She also said that public school is overloading kids with homework and kids are getting two to three hours of homework each night.

Well, it sounds like she has her mind made up…

Source: TikTok/@mindfull.mentor

Here’s what she had to say.


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Now let’s see how TikTok users reacted.

One person wants to homeschool but doesn’t think they can pull it off.

Source: TikTok/@mindfull.mentor

Another individual said they’d like to see part-time school.

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And this viewer said homeschool is definitely working for her family.

Source: TikTok/@mindfull.mentor

Homeschooling is definitely not for everyone…

But I guess it works for some families!

And it definitely seems to save the kids a lot of time.

Maybe it’s something we should look into more?