October 3, 2023 at 12:10 am

‘I’m gonna get salmonella.’ McDonald’s Customer Claims Caesar Chicken Wrap Was Raw

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@madds467

This McDonald’s customer is claiming her caesar chicken wrap had RAW chicken in it!

She shows her viewers a photo of the wrap and looks gobsmacked.

Source: TikTok/@madds467

“That doesn’t even look like it tried to be cooked,” she said.

She was worried and claimed: “I’m gonna get salmonella.”

Source: TikTok/@madds467

She said she felt ill and had contacted the store in Australia, who said they were investigating her claim.

Source: TikTok/@madds467

Watch the full clip here:


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People flooded her comments to see she was OKAY!

Someone claims their friend had a burger with a GLOVE in it once!

Source: TikTok/@madds467

People are just concerned the woman is okay – that’s sweet. 

Source: TikTok/@madds467

The woman’s getting nothing but love. 

That’s sweet!

Source: TikTok/@madds467

We are sure McDonald’s would look into this claim… right?

Be careful out there, fam!