October 22, 2023 at 4:27 am

‘My entire head of hair was basically laying on the floor.’ A Woman Got A Hair Treatment For Her Wedding Day And Lost 70% Of Her Hair. So A Salon Stepped In And Saved The Day.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@cat_batista

This is stuff that nightmares are made of, my friends…

Picture this: you’re a few weeks away from your wedding, you want to look your best, and then BAM, you get hit with something you didn’t see coming that more or less sends you into a tailspin.

That’s what happened to a woman named Catherine who shared a viral TikTok video documenting what happened to her hair three weeks before her wedding.

Catherine said she went to a new hair salon to continue a Japanese straightening treatment she’d been doing for two years.

Source: TikTok/@cat_batista

But she was horrified to see that at least half of her hair was missing after the treatment was washed out this time.

Catherine said she had been getting the treatment twice a year for the last two years in Brazil where her grandmother lives, but she didn’t have time to fly to Brazil so she decided to get the same treatment done at a salon in Boston where she lives.

Source: TikTok/@cat_batista

She said, “It seemed weird from the beginning” and that the treatment she got in Boston seemed different from the one she was used to…and then it happened.

Catherine’s hair started falling out in clumps when the treatment was washed out and her hair was combed through and she said, “My entire head of hair was basically laying on the floor, like 50 to 70 percent of my hair.”

She was crying in her video and added, “All of the top of my head is completely fried.”

She ended her emotional video by saying she thought she might have to wear a wig to her wedding.

Source: TikTok/@cat_batista

Check out her video.


I am at a loss of words. I never imagined something like this would happen, let alone weeks before my wedding. Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated. #help #hairdisaster #hairfail #bridetobe #hairloss #wigs #weddingstress #weddingdisaster #hairfail #hairhelp

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But there was good news on the way!

A hairstylist named Alfredo Lewis saw Catherine’s viral video and offered to help out!

And it was obvious that Catherine was incredibly grateful for his response.


#duet with @Alfredo Lewis #Stitch I cannot even express how gratedul I am right now. The kindness of this man! And of everyone who tagged him to get this seen. This has been such a hard couple of days. Cannot wait to talk to him in a little bit ❤️❤️❤️ #hairfail #hairstylist #weddinghair #hairdisaster #weddingdisaster #thankful #kindness #hairart #viral #alfredolewis #wedding #stitchkindness

♬ original sound – Alfredo Lewis

Alfredo later posted a video and told viewers that everything was set up and he was going to meet with Catherine to fix her hair and to make sure she looked stunning on her wedding day.

Now that’s a happy ending!


Replying to @Andrea Cline HAIR DISASTER UPDATE: Thanks to the algorithm I saw all of your tags and am in contact with @cat_batista and we will get her out to Vegas before her wedding to save her hair 🥹 Stay tuned this is going to be a major wedding hair transformation 🙏 #hairbreakage #hairdamage #foryou #fyp #hairtransformationchallenge #hairhelp

♬ original sound – Alfredo Lewis

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I’m glad she got this taken care of!

That was a close call!