October 2, 2023 at 12:24 pm

‘The parents really appreciate it.’ Server Shares A Trick That Ensures She Gets 25% Tips At Tables With Kids

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@kerrahraylenejellybean

Servers have to always be mindful of the tips they may or may not receive, and some of them are looking for any advantage they can have to get a little more green in their pockets.

And one server named Kerrah thinks that she has a trick up her sleeve that guarantees a better tip from diners.

She said, “If you have a table with kids, always give them stickers.”

Source: TikTok/@kerrahraylenejellybean

Kerrah said that she gives stickers to kids when it’s time for their parents to pay and it works like a charm, resulting in 25% tips.

She said, “The parents really appreciate it, because you’re obviously engaging and paying attention to their ******* kids.”

Source: TikTok/@kerrahraylenejellybean

Kerrah also said, “So many servers say, ‘Um, I hate kids. They’re so gross. They’re so messy. They’re loud. They cry. They throw things’. Whatever. You were a kid too once, okay? Don’t forget that. And I bet you would [have] really, really appreciated getting a cool-*** unicorn sticker after you just ate your chicken fingers and fries.”

Let that sink in…

Source: TikTok/@kerrahraylenejellybean

Take a look at what she had to say.


Go buy some stickers and watch the money roll in ( also works with drunk adults) #fyp #serverlife #tipandtricks #servertiktok #foryou #stickers #cashout

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Here’s how people responded.

This viewer shared what customers always tell her.

Source: TikTok/@kerrahraylenejellybean

Another individual doesn’t give out stickers anymore…

Source: TikTok/@kerrahraylenejellybean

And this TikTokker said they always tip well when they go out to eat with their little kid.

Source: TikTok/@kerrahraylenejellybean

Good for you, girl!