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This Couple Agreed To Get A Certain Type Of Dog, But When His Wife Surprised Him With Something Else, He Wanted Nothing To Do With It

by Trisha Leigh

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Getting a dog is a big decision that most people do not take seriously enough.

Different breeds require different levels of commitment and care, and responsible people know what they can handle going in.

This man agreed to get a dog that met their very specific life needs.

I work from home. As does my wife.

She wanted a dog.

I said we did not have enough time to take care of a dog. She pestered me until I agreed.

We took our time and found a rescue that had several pups that met our criteria.

Small. Adult. Requiring just a couple of short walks a day. They did home visits and stuff.

While they were waiting on a dog like that to come up at the shelter, his wife got him a very high energy puppy.

It was taking a while.

During that time my wife found a farm that had working Blue Heeler X Border Collie pups. She got me one for my birthday. I had one just like her when I lived at home with my parents.

She is a beautiful puppy but not in any way what we agreed on.

We live in an apartment with no yard. My parents have an acreage. I am very busy. I do not have time for all the training and exercise that she needs.

I told my wife thanks but no thanks. She refused to listen to me.

He refused to bond with it or train it.

So I just refused to bond with the pup. I didn’t even name her.

I told my wife I would make sure that the pup was fed and got two half hour walks a day since that’s what we agreed on.

Everything else was on her.

She had to rehome it (to his parents’ farm) and is angry with him.

It took two weeks of barking, chewing, and pooping until she rehomed the pup. Now she is mad that I manipulated her into doing what I said we should do to begin with.

She said she thought I would love a puppy that was like my old one.


I am mad that I had to even do it. I feel bad for the dog.

Now he’s not sure he even wants to get a dog with her at all.

I’m thinking of not even doing the rescue now that I know more about how my wife thinks.

I’m sure all of the dog lovers on Reddit are going to have big opinions on this one!

This person is hoping that his wife learned a lesson.

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They say she is acting like a child.

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And this commenter wonders if they could benefit from marriage counseling.

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Everyone feels for the poor puppers.

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The bottom line is that this was a decision they should have made together.

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I feel badly for the dog, too.

But I have a feeling it’s got a happier ending than these two will manage.

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