November 13, 2023 at 12:54 am

Customer Was Told They Couldn’t Buy Something At A Discount So They Bought Them From The Store’s Computer

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Source: Reddit

Why do some stores do this?

It’s so obnoxious and all it does at the end of the day is turn customers off…WAY OFF!

The person who wrote this story said they had to go to Home Depot to buy some light bulbs.

You’ll honor the price….

“I have about 20 can lights in my house, they were all incandescent. About 5 years ago, Home Depot had a sale on Cree LED bulbs.

Dumb luck, I was on their website at work and saw the deal. I figured It was time to get into the modern day and save some money on my electric bill. Ok I’ll swing by on my way home. I did not order them online, but the web site said the store had them in stock.

So they headed to the store to get the goods.

I printed out the sale price and SKU from the web. Went to the store and loaded up my cart. Went to check out. Rung up at the wrong price. I showed them the online advert. They said no dice.

I said, but you match prices. This is a home deport store, this is from a home depot website. manager said sorry, but the online store is different from the brick and mortar store, we don’t match online prices.

But they knew how this whole deal worked at Home Depot.

OK fine… So I put the light bulbs back on the shelf. Go to the contractor desk and hop on their computer. go to the website, make an online purchase. have the pro desk print out my receipt. I head out the car, hang out for about 30 minutes.

Come back in to pick up my light bulbs. Manager comes over and I show them the receipt for the pick up of the bulbs?

So they had to teach this manager a valuable lesson…

Manager: Where is the cart that you had them in.

Me: I put them back on the shelf since you weren’t going to sell them to me

So he gets someone to go get the bulbs off the shelf for me.

Manager says: you know you could have just left them in the cart.

I say: And you could have honored the price when I first got here….

It’s not much, but it made me happy…”

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This kind of stuff drives me nuts.

I’m glad it all worked for this person and he taught them a lesson!