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Greedy Family Members Tried To Push Them Out Of An Inheritance, So They Bankrupted And Put Them In Jail

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@sergnoff

Are you ready for a wild story from Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page?

We sure hope so, because this one is pretty crazy.

It takes place in Russia and you gotta read it to believe it!

The person who wrote it set the scene for readers…

Greedy aunt served after screwing my family over.

“This story takes place in Russia. This all begins about 3 years ago, at my grandma’s funeral. She passed away at the age of 73 leaving behind three sisters (one of which committed ******* long ago), a plethora of grandkids and quite a lot of real estate.

They noticed that something was off.

When the paperwork tsunami regarding inheritance started, something began to smell fishy. My alive aunt was extremely hesitant in giving us the ***** certificate, so we could start filing for inheritance. Things started to get complicated and confusing, so I had to take over all the paperwork and to help my mother out.

It seems like something was off with their aunt.

I find out that the apartment my grandmother lived in, for some reason no longer belonged to her, but was signed off to the kids of my aunt. Upon further inspection, I realized that most of my grandmother’s belongings were signed off to my aunt long before my grandmother’s passing away.

First, I decided to speak to my mom.

She told me that on the date the papers were signed, my grandmother was already in pretty bad shape. Dementia and Alzheimer’s had already gotten the best of her and she was not legally able to sign them. So I decide to go to my aunt, still not wanting to believe that she screwed us over.

They were shocked by what their aunt had to say.

I sincerely believing that it was all an honest deal ask her how it all happened. I will never forget her response. I never thought someone could say this to a relative. She told me that it was none of my business, that she intends to get everything she can, and the rest of the real estate that will be shared property, she will force us out of.

I was baffled. I couldn’t understand how she could do something like this to my mother. I had to do something.

Their mother was not happy about this turn of events.

The next day I spoke with my mother. She was shocked and devastated. In tears. She also could not understand how her own sister could do such a thing. Especially after all the things she did for her, like helping her make a career in sports, helping with money during hard times etc. etc.

I knew we needed to go to court. The problem with that was, that my mother is a working pensioner and is still raising my 13 yo brother. And I just spent all my savings on renovating her apartment. Money was an issue. Luckily, I made good friends with our company lawyer at work, and he offered to help me.

They got to work with their lawyer.

We collected all the needed paperwork, he told me to document any further encounters with their family, and to keep an eye out for anything fishy. After that, we sent a letter to my aunt, saying that we will dispute everything in court.

And then things got really ugly.

This is where my life became hell. It all started out with threat calls from her sons. That’s no biggie. I recorded all of the phone conversations. They found out where I work and live and started stalking me. Again, no biggie.

A while back, my boss made me an offer for a driver to pick me up to and from work, because the driver lived near by me. About time I hit him up on that offer. So I did. One morning, I wake up and get ready to work. My driver is downstairs waiting for me.

I put on a coat and head downstairs. I open the door of my apartment complex and get hit in the face by my oldest cousin. He threatens me again and flees the scene. The driver runs up, helps me up, and tells me that it was all recorded on the car’s front cam. Calls my boss, and takes me to the hospital.

The cops got involved.

The next day, I take the video and all of the phone conversations to the police. They accept everything. When the police contacted my aunt, searching for her son that punched me, she was LIVID. She called me, and spat threats in the phone. I reminded her, that her son is already in trouble for threatening me. She hangs up.

About a week later, I wake up in the middle of the night from loud banging on my door. As I’m walking to the door, it gives in and flies open. Two large men walk in, stating this is now their apartment as well. Handing me the papers they said: if you want to remain healthy, you should pack your stuff and go. I call the police. Police comes, checks the paperwork, and it’s totally fine.

Their aunt turned out to be REALLY shady.

Turned out, my aunt hired professional… erm… Let’s call them – professional inconveniencers. They make money by forcing people to move out of shared homes. She gave them a part of her right of ownership, and they were legally allowed to move in.

Next 3 months, I routinely had to pick my door because they kept changing the locks. Had to deal with constant loud music. Dirt and filth in my own house. Barely any sleep.

After three months they gave up and left.

These people weren’t giving up.

Seeing that this didn’t work, my cousin’s family decided to desperately mess with me. One night one of them walked in to my apartment complex, and started spraying pepper spray at my door to try and lure me out.

Unfortunately for him, I was cleaning the house and doing some minor work after the goons they hired. All of my doors were pretty insulated with rags and towels to prevent concrete dust flying everywhere. I barely smelled the pepper spray. Court was due next day.

I barely convinced my mother to ask for her sister to be eliminated form inhering anything. After I showed the court video and audio of them threatening and assaulting me, it was done.

A big decision came down.

The court ruled in our favor.

Upon returning from court, I went to the police to tell them about the pepper spray incident. I was rushed in to a room and questioned.

Turned out my elderly neighbour passed away from lung complications caused by the PS.

These folks got what was coming to them.

Here I am today.

Just returned from the notary, where my mother signed all the real estate to her name. I got a significant amount of money for assault and threats. And my piece of **** aunt is left with her tiny apartment and a son in prison for assault, threats of violence and homicide.

Her second son was fired from the rescue team and is no longer able to work for any government or social structures, and he doesn’t know how to do anything else.

They’re bankrupt, and it serves them right.”

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That was a wild story!

And I’m not too shocked to learn that it all went down in Russia…