November 21, 2023 at 12:52 am

‘If I can’t trust you for a quarter why would I believe the dollar?’ Their Manager Wouldn’t Give A Worker An Expected Raise, So They Got Malicious Revenge

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

I love reading stories from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page when people stick it bosses who treat them like garbage.

And you’re about to read a satisfying one!

The person who wrote it explained that they didn’t exactly have a great relationship with their manager.

If I don’t like it I can find another job? Okay.

“I worked at a small shop serving an electrical apprenticeship. Myself and the shop manager had had a few run-ins and I assume he disliked me as much as I disliked him.

I had refused to do a job and told him he didn’t pay me enough. It was at the stockyards and I was expected to put on a set of waders, crawl down into a raw fat reclamation tank, and replace a submersible pump. Wasn’t going to happen.

This guy sounds like he was a real jerk.

Another time he wanted me to lie to a customer to make an issue they were having sound like it wasn’t our fault. I refused and told him if he want to lie about it, he was going to have to drive out to the job site and do it himself. He told me to keep my mouth shut and did come out.

I think the only reason he didn’t fire me was I was by far one of the most efficient and versatile employees. This fact had me questioning how much I was getting out of this apprenticeship and was passively looking around for another shop to apprentice at.

They got tipped off about another opportunity.

My wage scale was structured and I got regular raises bringing me closer to journeyman’s level over my time as an apprentice. So, I had to find someone that would sign up to complete my apprenticeship as well as want to hire me.

One of our better journeymen had gone to another shop and had introduced me to the owners. We had talked about what it would take to get me to move. Things were progressing but nothing committed to at that point.

It was time to have a talk with the boss.

Que the malicious compliance.

It’s my evaluation and raise time. My manager calls me up to the conference room and explains that due to my performance and the shop being in a slow period he was not going to give me the 25 cents an hour raise as my contract said but was going to give me a dollar more an hour once I became a journeyman. We argued and I told him if I can’t trust you for a quarter why would I believe the dollar?

So this guy uttered words that he probably regretted…

The argument ended in him telling me if you don’t like it you can always quit.

Oh really? I picked up the conference room phone on the table in front of us and called the shop I had been talking with.

I asked the owner if I brought my tools over today would I have a job? After a quick and uncomfortable discussion with his partner he said yes.

I informed my manager I resigned effective now. I loaded my tools up punched out and went straight to work that afternoon.”

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