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Pushy Window Washers Wouldn’t Leave A Teenager Alone, So They Got Their Police Officer Dad To Take Care Of The Situation

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

I guess some people just can’t take a hint, huh?

So how is a person supposed to deal with pushy folks like the ones you’re about to read about?

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Persistent window cleaners should have just left me alone.

“When I was about 14 years old, I was left at home on my own for the first time.

This was a chance to prove to my parents that I was responsible enough to be left alone.

Both my parents were at work (mum was an accountant, dad was a police officer: that is relevant). I was told not to open the door to anyone.

After a few hours, there’s a knock on the door.

I ignore it.

They keep knocking. It’s clear I’m in the house as you can see someone in the living room from the front door.

They keep knocking so I open the door to get rid of them.

What do you want?!?!

There are two men standing there. They tell me they are window cleaners and they’ll clean the windows for a fee.

I said no thanks.

They persist, but I still say no. I close the door and think that’s the end of it.

Two minutes later, they’re cleaning the front windows. I go out and say I already told them I don’t want the windows cleaned and I can’t pay them.

They were trying to take advantage of the situation.

They’re cheerful enough, “don’t worry love, we’ll leave a bill, you can pay it later”.

I’m getting quite anxious now so I firmly (as firmly as a scared 14y old can) tell them to go away.

A few minutes later, I hear some noise around the back. I open the back door which is right next to the gate to the back garden. One of them is trying to climb the fence to unlock it. Now I’m panicking.

Deep down I know they’re just trying to clean the windows, but I don’t like that they’ve ignored me and they’re be so persistent.

I yell at them to go away but all I get was “don’t worry love, we do this all the time.”

But I have a secret weapon.

Here it comes!

I whistle and my rather large German Shepherd dog comes to my side. Usually she wouldn’t bark, but she knew I wasn’t happy with these guys.

She goes crazy.

They ask me to put the dog away, obviously I refuse, and they finally get the message.

I’m pretty shook up so I call my mum to tell her what happened. Mum calls dad. Dad turns up in the marked car and talks to the window cleaners.

I don’t hear the conversation but apparently it went something like this.

He let them have it.

Dad: We’ve had a report that you’ve harassed a young girl and tried to gain access to the back garden when told not to

Them: No mate, that’s not what happened, she’s making it up.

Dad: So, you’re saying my daughter is a liar

The penny drops.

Anyway, turns out the van they were driving had a flat tire and the tax had expired, so Dad fined them for that.”

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I’m glad they had good instincts!

Nicely done!

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