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‘She had the weirdest office hours ever.’ Student Teaches A Lazy Office Worker A Lesson After She Didn’t Want To Help

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Have you ever had to deal with someone who acts like a gatekeeper of information and makes things WAY more difficult than they need to be?

We all have!

And the person you’re about to hear from was really going through it with a crotchety old woman who made what should have been a simple task into a major production.

It started when they were in their last semester of college.

So you need a certified copy of my bachelor degree that you just issued? No problemo.

“During my last semester of my bachelor degree I already applied for the masters degree at the same university.

So I go through the normal application process and get accepted (yay!), but as I didn’t have my bachelor degree at that point, I had to produce a certified copy of my degree as soon as I could. Yes, I had to give a certified copy of my bachelors degree to the university who issued that degree in the first place. And no, these were not different departments. It was all done by one (!) lady in the examination office!

And one woman stood in the way for this routine request.

But whatever, weird bureaucracy is weird. And BOY was it annoying at that university. Because all students of my faculty had to got through one lady. And I think she just didn’t like to do anything. Like, seriously, she was so annoyed when you showed up at her office to just do anything.

When I turned in my bachelor thesis, she straight up said that she is so annoyed that all the students turn their thesis in at her office. Well, we don’t have another choice?? There is seriously not other way to turn your thesis in. And don’t ever think about asking her anything…

This woman seemed to be a major pain in the *** for no reason.

So, I am already looking forward to picking up my bachelors degree (no we don’t have a fancy celebration). Normally you would get an e-mail when your degree is ready, but as she ***** our guts, you just have to guess when it is ready. We don’t get an email. Two weeks after your last grade is put in the system, it is probably ready. So, I did just that. I show up at her office and my degree is ready.

So they decided to teach her a little lesson in humility.

Lady: “Here.” (without even looking at me)

Me: “Thank you, I need a certified copy of that.”

Lady: (really annoyed): “Excuse me, WHAT?”

Me: “I need a certified copy. Could you please copy it and certify that it is a copy of the original?”

Lady: “I know what a certified copy is! You can get that at the town hall.”

But they knew the rules!

Me: “I know, but I can also get it here. I know for a fact that you have to give me one if I request it.”

(5-second staring contest ensues)

Lady: “*sigh* FINE!”

She takes my degree back, turns around, copies it and signs that it is a certified copy.

Lady: (hands me the degree and copy) “HERE!”

Me: “Thank you. Now I would like to give you a certified copy of my bachelor degree for my application for the masters degree. (I hand her back the certified copy).”


Me: “Yes, I thought if I am already here, I could turn that in as well. So I don’t have to come back again.”

(Another 5-second staring contest)

Sounds like this student put this old dragon lady in her place!

Lady just takes the copy out of my hand and turns around. And with that, I left with the biggest grin on my face.

What did she expect? That I go to the town hall (15 Minute ride), wait there for probably 1-2 hours, get a certified copy that would cost me 13 Euros (at uni one was for free) and then come back another day?


Especially because she had the weirdest office hours ever. It was something like 2 days a week for 1,5 hours in the morning and one day for 1,5 hours in the afternoon. So I probably would have waited days to turn that in.

But her face when I asked for a certified copy was just glorious.”

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