November 14, 2023 at 8:47 pm

‘He did call the police and they hung up on him.’ Guy Shows The Neighbors Threatening To Call The Cops Because Their Cat Prefers Him

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

A man called the cops because his cat hangs out with his neighbors and wow, is this one explosive fight over alleged cat napping…

@lumptron finds himself in a serious spat with his neighbors after they tire of their cute cat Mercury going off on them.

But to be frank, it’s easy to understand why Mercury flees next door, when you see this clip!

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

@lumptron films the action as the couple lose their minds at their cat visiting someone else’s house… Okay.

@lumptron tells his neighbor: “I just want to be clear you’re upset because we made friends with your cat, sir?’

And man are they EVER upset. This is a full on row.

The male neighbor responds: “You’re keeping it in your yard and it’s our cat.”

Our guy replies: “I’m not even in my yard right now, the gate’s open.”

But no, that ain’t gonna cut it. The neighbor replies: “You’re unreasonable people, you’re holding our cat.”

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

Our guy responds: “How, I’m not even in there. I want you to explain how?”

And here’s the kicker – apparently our guy should talk to the cat, to get the pet to leave!

The neighbor guy: “If you would go in your yard and say ‘Mercury, go home, don’t come in our yard anymore.”

Cats are not getting this memo… And the TikToker reminds them of this. “She’s a cat. She doesn’t speak English.”

And now the real comedy….

The neighbor guy does some pretty weird hand signals, which he says are a clear way to talk cat.

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

“Really? This doesn’t mean go home?” he says, looking rather strange. Is this the cat pose from yoga?!

Our guy responds: “No. hand signals don’t mean anything. It’s a cat.”

Neighbor guy is DONE.  He responds: “All right. Well, we’ll have the police department figure it out.”

He added that this was a clear crime called “harboring a cat.”

Huh? Our guy and most of the free world would agree that crime does NOT exist…

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

Raaaaage! Cat raaaage…

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

The TikToker then goes back to the cute cat, course he does – and he takes a tiny mic and asks Mercury can she can give an opinion on this human fiasco.

But funny enough, it’s a no comment!

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

“Mercury, Mercury, Mercury. How do you feel about the situation?” the TikToker says. “She has such a way with words,” he adds.

Well, predictably the internet goes WILD for this story. And there’s an update.

The TikToker said: “The gentleman did call the police. They told him essentially, I think to call somebody else, probably Humane Society. And then they hung up on him, so there was no police response. There’s no body cam footage or interaction with the cops or anything like that because they just didn’t come.”

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

He adds: “They told them that they were not coming, which is probably the right approach… To my surprise Mercury still does not speak English.

“She continues to come and go as she pleases. There’s really nothing anybody can do. She’s a cat, cats do what they want. People have been asking if I plan on adopting her or taking her from them. No, I’m not going to take anybody’s animal.”

But it’s obvious this guy loves that cat – especially after all he’s been through to maintain that friendship!

He admits “Yes,” if he was “offered” the cat, he “might say yes.”  He adds: “But I’m not going to take somebody’s cat…

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

He adds: “Thank you guys for showing me and her so much love. She’s a real cool cat… I never really liked cats before but she’s very special. She’s very friendly and it’s surprising that they want me to be mean to her but hopefully this will be the last update I post about this…”


Watch these THREE crazy cat clips below:


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Replying to @rheel46 she came back to my yard as soon as those nice folks let her go outside. I can’t imagine why

♬ original sound – Lumpotron

And finally…


Replying to @Okuma the long awaited update: Mercury the cat and my neighbors, part 2

♬ original sound – Lumpotron

Here’s what folks thought of this cat madness:

True that.

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Yep – kitty likes good company!

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I hope the cat just finds happiness, personally…

Source: TikTok/@lumpotron

These people need some professional help.