December 14, 2023 at 7:27 pm

‘Any part of your house gets wet it disintegrates.’ – Guy Shows The Flimsy “Trash” Houses Are Made Out Of Now

by Chris Allen

Source: Tiktok/@wthomasanderson

They don’t make ’em like they used to?

@wthomasanderson on TikTok has some proof!

He explains that homes used to be made out of a more solid wood and were usually a dependable build.

Craftsmanship, durability and style were a point of pride.

Source: Tiktok/@wthomasanderson

But he was pretty shocked to find out what might actually be going on behind the scenes.

He said, “Doors used to be made of solid wood. Now it’s all trash.”

Source: TikTok/@wthomasanderson

He goes on to show that literal cardboard and styrofoam are becoming increasingly popular in modern door fabrication and design.

He continues, “This is why any part of your house gets wet it disintegrates.”

Source: Tiktok/@wthomasanderson

And you wonder why you’ve been getting leaks all throughout your home!

Source: Tiktok @wthomasanderson

Given that the prices of homes have been exploding in price lately, this shoddy craftsmanship seems inexcusable.

Check out the video:


I didn’t expect our homes to be this bad. and they have the nerve to charge you as if it’s quality #fy #giveback #unionmoney #foryou #viralvideo #hardwork #foryourpage #fyp #homedecor #homeinspection #homeproject

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Some other users agreed, saying they prefer older houses.

Screenshot 2023 12 14 at 1.20.55 PM Any part of your house gets wet it disintegrates.   Guy Shows The Flimsy Trash Houses Are Made Out Of Now

Even fellow carpenters are chiming in, finding the whole profession to be disappointing.

Source: Tiktok/@wthomasanderson

One thing is for sure, that it’s kicked off some great back & forth conversations about the quality of American homes.

Source: Tiktok/@wthomasanderson

Hopefully this is one trend that doesn’t stick around too long.

I prefer my doors that don’t melt when it rains.

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