December 5, 2023 at 6:42 pm

Here’s How To Get “Free” Tools From Home Depot Without Buying Anything. – ‘These brands have full lifetime warranties.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@notmycarl

Free tools? Sign me up!

Without having personally tried this hack, who knows if it actually does work, but this guy sure claims it does!

Source: TikTok/@notmycarl

@notmycarl told his followers: “How to get free tools from Home Depot. I know I have a lot of young followers, so here’s a cool way to upgrade your tools for free. First thing is you have to look through your dad’s old toolbox.

“Look for any Milwaukee muskie channel locks or Crescent tools. These brands have full lifetime warranties and Home Depot will honor it.”

Okay this is a BIG claim. At least one guy responded he tried it in three different Home Depot stores and it did NOT work but again, this is his dude’s claim.

Source: TikTok/@notmycarl

He continued: “Then head over to the tool section and find the same tools you brought in. Don’t worry if the tool you brought comes in a set. They’ll pull it out for you when you checkout. Once you’ve got all your tools together, make your way to the customer service line. Remember you don’t need any receipts or anything when you get there.”

But despite the claim it didn’t sound like it all went smoothly for this guy with his old tools for new tools routine. Though he seems to recommend toughing it out, regardless.

Source: TikTok/@notmycarl

He added: “This cashier got upset and tried to give us a hard time. We just stayed quiet and let him argue with the manager and again confirmed we don’t need any receipt or anything. Haters going to hate. But we made it out without paying a dime. So, always keep an eye for these brands at yard sales are all toolboxes. You can always come in and exchange them out for free.”

Wow. While this sounds like a great hack, if it DOES work for everyone. If everyone did it, would the company even make money!

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Here’s what people thought of this DIY hack:

Maybe the cashier was just like ‘What?’…

Source: TikTok/@notmycarl

Aha! This guy throws the spanner in the works to the claim. So, who knows!

Source: TikTok/@notmycarl

But others say it does. So who knows.

Source: TikTok/@notmycarl

Hey, if you can go get this deal, definitely do it!

It’s worth a shot!