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Brother Wouldn’t Let Sister Use Family Farm For Her Wedding Because She Didn’t Reserve The Date. – ‘I suggested 3 other dates around the same time.’

by Trisha Leigh

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Family can be a tricky thing to navigate for some people, even when we’re trying our best.

Even if, it turns out, your mother sent you away to be raised by someone else but you’ve still grown up into the bigger person.

OP was sent to live with his grandparents when he was a young teen, mostly because he figured she couldn’t deal with him.

I am 25, my sister is 29 (I also have a younger sister, 8). When I was 14, my mom sent me to live with her parents.

Her excuse was that they needed me to help out. I believe she just didn’t want to deal with a growing male teen.

His grandparents were great, they lived on an amazing property, and they had plenty of money.

My grandparents owned an amazing property in the mountains that has an amazing view. We also have some horses and other critters.

They were also quite wealthy as well.

They left the money and assets to his mother and siblings, but he got the property. He’s turned part of it into a wedding venue that does pretty robust business.

They both passed 4 years ago a month apart. They gave me the property (because “I would appreciate and respect it more”) while my mom and sister(s) got money and other assets (overall valued more than the property).

In the past 4 years, I turned part of the property into a venue for mainly weddings (GPs knew of this idea and thought it was a good one).

We are busy and usually booked about 8 months out.

When his older sister got engaged, she said she wanted to have the wedding at the property. He said fine, just let him know when so he could put it on the books.

My sister got engaged 1.5 years ago and said she wants to get married at the property.

I said yes, just let me know the date as soon as possible so I can make sure it is “booked.”

She never did, despite him reaching out to her several times to ask.

Then he received a wedding invitation stating his property was the venue, on a date that wasn’t available.

I never got a date. I followed up several times and kept asking her, and she would brush me off.

2 weeks ago I got the wedding invitation. Stating the property is the location and the date, which is in September of this year.

I immediately called her to say that we have booked for that date and can’t accommodate her.

He told her this and now his whole family is hating on him, accusing him of not caring about the family or wanting to keep the grandparent’s place to himself.

Well, now her, my mom, other family, her partners family, as well as other flying monkeys have been blowing up on me. They are also calling and writing reviews for my business.

I asked them to stop and call my sister telling her that I literally all she had to do was tell me when she knew her date so I could block it and I would take care of everything else.

She went off on how I am ruining HER day. It is OUR family’s property. How she already sent out the invitations and couldn’t go back now.

I should just tell the other couple to cancel (they have been on the books for over a year now, and I actually like them). Family is more important.

OP doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.

After the last big blow-up, I started communicating strictly through the business. Using our recorded line as well as email.

I suggested 3 other dates around the same time, but that’s not good enough. “I’m being resentful and an AH.”

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The top comment says OP sister and family are incredibly selfish.

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And this person cannot fathom sending invites without confirming with the venue.

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They say wacky is one word for it.

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This commenter figures they have OP pegged.

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Wasn’t this the plot of a romcom?

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I feel like there is way more to this story.

I would be nosy enough to listen to it if OP told.