December 6, 2023 at 6:44 am

Neighborhood Kid Keeps Walking On His Lawn So He Gets Revenge By Spraying Him With The Hose. – ‘Wife told me I need to stop.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/@tway23421

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a story like this one on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page before!

And that’s a good thing, my friends!

The guy who wrote it asked the folks on Reddit if he acted like a jerk for what he did to a neighborhood kid.

He explained that this kid has been walking all over his lawn in soccer cleats and sometimes riding his bike over his grass.

WIBTA for spraying some kid with my garden hose daily after he walks all over our lawn?

“I (37M) live with my wife (37F) and son and daughter ( 9 and 11 respectively).

Recently, there has been this kid who comes by our house after playing soccer and either rides his bike or walks over the lawn with his cleats on his way home.

It started out as me giving him stern looks whenever I saw him, then it slowly progressed to me asking him to just go around.

The last time I asked him to stop he made a point to stomp extra hard and twist his feet in to the grass to **** me off.

He decided to handle this a different way.

Since then Ive just been hosing him. The first time I sprayed him with the hose he ran off, but then for some reason he just started standing there while I hose him like he enjoys it.

Its now progressed to me sitting on my lawn chair pointing my hose at him, and him just staring at me while he does so. Sometimes we even make small talk.

But something unexpected happened.

Im ngl, it started off as a really bitter relationship, but Ive actually gotten to know the kid quite well, we talk for maybe 15-20 mins everyday, and he doesnt seem to mind being hosed down after sweating hard playing soccer.

And it’s kind of sweet!

He comes by daily and we just shoot the **** while I hose him and he stands there for a bit.

Wife told me I need to stop, even after I explained it to her she said Im making us look like childish idiots.

I guess I could stop, but honestly its really funny waiting for him to come by and I see no harm in it.


Now let’s see how folks reacted on Reddit.

This person nailed it!

Source: Reddit/@tway23421

Another individual said this kid is looking for attention.

Source: Reddit/@tway23421

One reader was touched by this story.

Source: Reddit/@tway23421

Another person thinks this is totally harmless.

Source: Reddit/@tway23421

Maybe this kid needs some more love at home.

Sure sounds like it!