December 2, 2023 at 1:17 pm

She Went To Extremes To Teach Her Husband A Lesson About Neglecting Their Baby. – ‘As soon as I leave the baby cries for hours.’

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Having a baby is a huge responsibility, especially in those first few months when they rely on their caregivers around the clock, for absolutely everything.

That said, those same caregivers also need to earn money to help provide that care.

OP had a baby four months ago but was forced to go back to work because her husband didn’t have a job. She was reluctant due to his general lack of caring about anything but there wasn’t much choice.

I 29 f recently started working again after having my daughter (4m). Daycare is too expensive so my husband 35m reluctantly agreed to stay home.

It’s important to know that he’s been unemployed since 2021. He receives benefits. It’s also important to know that he’s extremely lazy. He doesn’t cook, clean, or help out in any way.

I was nervous about leaving her home with her father but I had no choice.

She was pleasantly surprised after the first several days that the baby was happy and being tended when she arrived home.

When I came back from work she was clean, and sleeping.

The next few times I came home he was either playing with her, feeding her, or out for a walk with her.

I was happy.

Then, though, her neighbor told her that after she left in the morning the baby would cry for hours on end. OP suspected her husband was sleeping most of the day and then waking up to make it appear as though he had been caring for the baby all day long.

A few days ago my neighbor told me that as soon as I leave the baby cries and she cries for hours.

My neighbor said that she knocked on our door and he finally answered it. He was sleeping.

I concluded that he sleeps all day and right. Before I come home he pretends to care for her.

She picked a day, left for work, then returned 30 minutes later to find her suspicions were correct.

I decided to take the day off of work, i left home at my regular time. Waited 30 minutes and then went home.

Sure enough he was knocked out sleep with his stupid noise cancelling headphones on.

She took the baby to a friend’s house, waited a couple of hours, and called her husband to say she was coming home early, and waited.

I went to my daughters room, scooped her up and took her to my friends house. I waited about 2hours and I finally called him to tell him that I was coming home early.

He called in a panic saying he couldn’t find the baby. She finally told him what she had done, and somehow he was the one angry at her.

He called me back saying that he can’t find the baby.

He told me that he was going to call the police but before he did I told him what I did.

He called me an a****** and a lot of other words too. When I got home his mother was there “calming his nerves” because he has a panic attack.

She also called me an a****** . My husband decided to sleep at her house.

Family members are telling me that I’m a terrible person. I know that it was extreme but I don’t know if I would consider myself to be an a******.

There’s only one way this can go as far as Reddit is concerned…

The top comment honestly can’t believe what they’re reading.

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This person says OP is lucky the neighbor didn’t call CPS.

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And this commenter agrees this is dealbreaker behavior.

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While this person makes the understatement of the centuring.

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You’ll be happy to know this man is now her ex-husband.

My ex-husband and mother in law still think I’m a jerk. My friend allowed my daughter and I to move in with her. Which is nice, we were living in a bad area before so this can be a fresh start.

My ex-husband has not asked to see my daughter for the past week. Online he’s saying how I ruined his youth by trapping him with a baby. Idc anymore I’m in a nice routine with my daughter.

I took her to the hospital and they found signs of neglect. I explained the situation. The doctor advised me to press charges against my ex husband. I think I will.

But I’m safe My daughter is safe.

Honestly, he should be in jail.

So glad that poor little baby has a different life now.