December 31, 2023 at 6:52 pm

‘They try to get away with $200.’ – Airlines Are Legally Obligated To Give Travelers A Lot More Money If The Flight Is Overbooked Or Delayed

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@jaronmyerscomedy

This is the kind of information you need to know, friends!

A TikTokker named Jaron posted a video and talked to viewers about what they should do when flights get overbooked.

Jaron said that when he hears a gate agent at the airport announce that a flight is overbooked and they offer a low amount of money to people such as $200, he gets down to business.

Source: TikTok/@jaronmyerscomedy

Jaron aid, “I stand up and I yell, ‘Everyone hold, no one move. Legally they have to give you like $1,300. And they try to get away with $200, but if we all stick together we can raise that amount and we can secure the bag.”

Source: TikTok/@jaronmyerscomedy

Surprisingly, Jaron isn’t just blowing smoke.

According to USA Today, “For domestic flights in the U.S., airlines have to pay you 200% of the value of your one-way ticket up to $775 if you arrive at your destination one to two hours past your originally scheduled itinerary, or 400% of the one-way ticket price, up to $1,550 if your arrival delay is longer than two hours.”

“For international flights departing the U.S., the 200% or $775 compensation window is up to four hours, with 400% up to $1,550 compensation owed for a delay of more than four hours.”

I had no idea!

Source: TikTok/@jaronmyerscomedy

Take a look at his video.


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Source: TikTok/@jaronmyerscomedy

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