January 26, 2024 at 5:32 pm

Bride Agreed To Make An Old Friend A Bridesmaid Out Of Obligation, And Now She’s Making Her Wedding Planning Difficult

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

It’s hard to make everyone happy all at the same time.

That’s why friendships and relationships come with boundaries and compromise.

But when it comes to an event like your wedding, you expect your loved ones to rally and put on brave faces.

This bride to be took to Reddit to share her story of a not so good friend.

My (25F) bridesmaid (25F), Nola said she does not like the hairstyle I have picked for the bridesmaids and is going to be wearing the same hairstyle as me. When I told her no she got very upset.

My bridesmaids are wearing a messy bun, and I’ll be having my hair down in Hollywood waves.

Despite drifting apart, the woman’s friend made it a point to be a bridesmaid.

For context, we’ve known each other nearly 5 years, but haven’t kept in touch much in the last 2.

The only reason she’s a bridesmaid is because she called me up on a promise I made her 3 years ago saying that I’d make her my bridesmaid when I got married.

I’m really bad at saying no, so I said yes.

I got her the bridesmaids outfit and accessories (I am paying for everything – they are paying for their own hair & makeup).

Nola has already said she doesn’t like the bridesmaids outfit and asked me to change it. I was unable to as my other bridesmaids loved theirs and the dresses were non refundable.

Nola proved to be a difficult bridesmaid multiple times.

I also asked my bridesmaids to wear any colour of the rainbow to my bridal shower, and I told them I’m wearing white.

Nola said, “I’m wearing pink”

Me: “Uh, sorry but pink isn’t a rainbow colour. Did you want to pick something else?”

Nola: “Fine, then I’ll wear white”

Me: “That isn’t a rainbow colour either and I’m wearing white, how about you wear green?”

Nola: “I’ll think about it.”

I’ve already asked her to cater to my above requests (not changing the bridesmaid dress & wearing a rainbow colour for the bridal shower)

AITA for also asking her not to wear her hair like mine & wear it like the rest of the bridesmaids?

Readers of this story were unanimous in their support of the bride.

One person said the bridesmaid is on strike three.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This reader said if the bride doesn’t lay down the law then she will be the *******.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this person said the whole thing clearly just isn’t working out.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Time to drop the stress and move along, bride!

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