January 15, 2024 at 5:44 pm

Mother In Law and Father In Law Ruin Gender Reveal After Not Getting A Grandson

by Addison Sartino

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Annoying in laws are a stereotype for a reason, and these in laws are no exception.

This new father-to-be is not happy with his wife’s parents for making a scene at the gender reveal party.

He took to Reddit to share his story...

My wife (29F) and I (30M) held a gender reveal for our first child yesterday.

It was my wife’s idea since her, her parents and a few other people wanted to know the gender.

I don’t really care what gender it is as long as it’s healthy.

The in laws really want a grandson.

My MIL and FIL wanted it to be a boy because they always wanted a son but had two daughters instead, my wife also wanted it to be a boy but only because of her parents, she didn’t really care much either way.

It was a very small gathering with just a few friends and close family members.

After it was revealed that the baby is a girl my MIL walked away and got very upset and my FIL looked disappointed.

After around ten minutes I went into the garden to see my MIL crying I asked her what’s wrong and she said that she really wanted a grandson.

I told her that I’m sorry she’s disappointed but it doesn’t really matter that much and she got really annoyed at me at this point my FIL had joined us and heard what I said to her.

And they try to make the parents feel bad too…

He told me I should be sad too since I won’t be able to teach the baby about cars. I’m a mechanic and I joked a few times about getting the baby to follow in my footsteps.

I told him that she might be interested in cars when she’s older so I don’t really understand how that’s relevant.

As if it weren’t obvious before, misogyny shows itself.

They were saying a bunch of things about what they can’t do now because she’s a girl, like taking her to sport games and teaching her about sports.

They said that I’ll be missing out on giving a son “the talk and girls.”

I don’t really care that much about that but what if the baby likes girls so their argument is pretty weak.

They said a few other things about why they wanted her to be a boy but I just walked away and went back inside.

Misogynistic and tattle-tales? Come on.

My MIL and FIL explained the whole argument with my wife and she got really angry at me.

She said that I should’ve comforted them and had at least a bit of sympathy. I just don’t understand why the gender is such a big deal.

Shouldn’t they just be happy they’re getting a grandchild?


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Wishing the best of luck to this new father.

Thankfully his baby girl will be in good hands.

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