January 20, 2024 at 4:31 am

Tattoo Artist Swears Off Walk-Ins Customers After Creepy Customer’s Bizarre Request

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@scm_ink

Tattoo artists must see the complete spectrum of humans, right?

The meek and quiet, to the outlandish and off-their-rocker.

There can be no more permanent statement you can make about art than putting it on yourself forever.

And the truly talented artists themselves are in high demand these days.

None more so than this TikTok user who goes by “SCM ink”, and he almost always only goes by appointment-only.

But one day he learned a lesson to stick to his business grounds, letting a customer walk-in for a request.

Source: TikTok/@scm_ink

The guy asks for what now??

“Yeah I want the left side of my face blue, and the right side of my face red.”

The artist’s eyebrows must’ve been jumping off his face.

He immediately said NAHHHH, not doing that. Thanks, goodbye.

Source: TikTok/@scm_ink

But the story doesn’t end there.

It turns out the artist’s girlfriend knows him?

The guy was at their family lunch a few days later!

“That’s the dude that walked in the other day!”

Source: TikTok/@scm_ink

She grew up with him!?

Watch the full re-telling here:


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I wonder what folks had to say about this:

One commenter wanted some answers!

Source: TikTok/@scm_ink

While another couple TikTok users were left a bit confused.

Source: TikTok/@scm_ink

One person just wanted to know how much he charges.

Source: TikTok/@scm_ink

One thing he learned:

No walk-ins means no walk-ins!

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