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Young Girls Bullied Someone They Thought Was Their Age, So She Tracked Down Their Parents And Put Them On Blast

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

This is a weird one

And it’ll remind you that a lot of kids out there like to bully other kids when their parents aren’t around…

But these kids made a big mistake that they won’t forget anytime soon.

Take a look at what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page.

Mistake me for a preteen and Try to Bully me at Target? I’ll squeal on you to your moms & coach.

“I am a really short and skinny 20 something who could pass for a 12 year old. This is relevant I promise.

A while back when this happened I was at Target with my younger sister waiting for our nail appointment.

Normal day sister bonding stuff.

Some bullies were about to appear.

I think it was 30 minutes in, when we found some ugly jackets in the menswear section and started trying them on for fun. Next thing I know, 3 girls in volley ball uniform surround us.

First thing I notice is 2 of the 3 girls were filming us while one girl is asking rapid fire questions while holding a jacket up. I was so surprised and sort of speechless. My sister was also sort of stunned and silent the whole time.

Rando girl: Hey, do you think this looks good on me? (holds a jacket up)

haunter_4_hanter: Sure… I guess

Rando girl: Really?!

haunter_4_hanter: …yes?

Rando girl: Okay. Buy it for me.

haunter_4_hanter: …. Are you serious?

Rando girl: You said you thought it looked good. Buy it for me.

haunter_4_hanter: ………………….no

These girls were OBNOXIOUS.

We sort of went back and forth of me saying no and her insisting I buy her the jacket. Her friends filming also pitched in saying I should buy her the jacket and saying if I dont buy her the jacket than I lied about it looking good on her.

What? Can someone explain to me why they did this, is this some sort of social media prank? At the same time, I am slowly walking out of the menswear section and pushing my sister trying to get away.

I could see my little sister was super uncomfortable and I know she is kind of shy so this is really mortifying for her. That made me angry. It also occurred to me that they must think I’m some sort of preteen like them because I can’t fathom these type of kids bothering anybody with an single hair of puberty. Honestly, they were all pudgy little 10 year olds.

Meanwhile, i’m wearing my crooked glasses, messy jeans and a YMCA summer camp shirt (idk why I even own this t-shirt since I never went to their summer camp). My little sister is also wearing her Middle School Track shirt, so both of us look like kids. Kids like them.

It was time to show them what was up.

In my most grown voice I could muster I say, “What. The. ****. Are. You. *****. Doing? I’m 20+ years old. Do you think this is funny? What the **** is wrong with you kids? Where’s your moms?” In my best ‘I need to speak to a manager voice’ I ask my sister, “Go find an employee.” My sister takes off running.

This is were the girls stop laughing and start telling me to chill out and its just a prank which only makes me angrier.

I go in on them about how so stupid they’re being and how harassing strangers is decidedly NOT funny. I throw in some choice swear words and I can hear my crazy voice getting higher and angrier.

Time for a taste of their own medicine.

I pull my phone out and start recording them and laughing manically saying, “Think this is funny?! HA HA HA” I think this is were they started getting worried because they took off. I tried following them, but then then a employee following my sister appeared.

I go on to explain how we were shopping and suddenly harassed by these three girls trying to force us to buy them things and filming us. I think I also tear up and the employee radios his manager. I repeat my story and show them the photos I took of little *****, sans my crazy video.

Next thing I know those kids are rounded up and surrounded by a couple employees and a really annoyed Mom.

I walk past and tell them to ‘**** OFF’ and drag my sister to our nail appointment.

But wait, there’s more!

But I wasn’t done.

They were wearing bright yellow volleyball jerseys with their club names.

I google and find said club and blast any email I can find. I also message their Facebook.

BUT, I’m still not done.

I go on social media and stalk through their photos.

I find the club’s Instagram and after some work, I find their friends who have tagged some moms.

Through those moms I find their moms.

I cross reference facebook and see the girls parents with pictures of their families. I confirm the faces of the little jerks.

It was time to put them on blast.

I blast their social media with my ‘disappointed and upset grown up voice’. I include their pictures.

I also find the Mom who was chaperoning the kids and I blast her too.

I wait.

Within Hours I have a reply from the director of the volleyball club and replies from two of the parents.

The Mom who was chaperoning funnily enough blocked me.

I never got a direct apology from those *****, but I hope having a stranger hunting them down and contacting people from their lives scared them straight.

To top it off, I posted a glowing review of the Target on how they handled the situation with little ***** faces.

A week later, one of the dad’s asks me to take it down, so I oblige.

He asked very nicely.

Lesson, Don’t be little ***** to people.”

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I bet those kids won’t make that mistake again.

Great work!

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