February 13, 2024 at 9:37 pm

12-Year-Old Daughter Wanted To Wear A Short Skirt In Freezing Weather, But Dad Puts His Foot Down For Her Own Good

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Freedom0824

Hey, once you’re an adult and you’re out in the world on your own, you can wear whatever you want!

As George Costanza would say, you can even drape yourself in velvet…

But a 12-year-old?

You gotta listen to your parents!

And this dad thinks he was right on the money with this one.

See if you agree with him!

AITA For Not Letting My Child Wear A Tennis Skirt in Below Freezing Weather?

“I am getting yelled at right now by my 12 yr old because it is below freezing outside and she wants to wear a little tennis skirt to a friends party.

He wasn’t having any of this nonsense.

When she walked down the stairs I said “turn back around and put some pants or leggings on but it’s freezing.

She called her Mom and before she could beg to wear the skirt I said “I will not take her in that.”

Her Mom agreed and said put on tights so now by daughter is angry at me.

I’m thinking I am being a good parent but it’s baffling my mind that my daughter isn’t processing the temperature on her own.

Kids today…

I want her to know that she is beautiful no matter what she wears but when I said that to her “she rolled her eyes.”

I don’t get it what happened to the days when you could parent and kids understood you were trying to keep them safe.

AITA for making my daughter change her outfit she planned on wearing because it’s freezing outside?”

Here’s what folks had to say on Reddit.

This person said he’s NTA…

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Another person made a good point.

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This individual shared their own story.

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Another reader reminded everyone that she’s only 12.

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Good work!

Just looking out for the kid!

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