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Grumpy Woman Demanded An Injured Kid’s Seat On The Bus, So They Decided To Show Her The Extent Of Their Wounds

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@taylormae

Some people just have to be hit over the head repeatedly before they realize they’re WRONG.

And this sounds like one of those stories

Take a look at how this person handled a precarious situation with an injured leg.

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Prove that you injured your leg? Sure…

“In my country, we have a tradition that when we finish elementary school, we jump into a fountain and splash around.

It didn’t go well…

I managed to mess that up by falling and injuring my leg.

When I looked at my leg, blood was seeping through my sock. My leg hurt for days, and I avoided walking and standing.

Another thing you need to know is that bus drivers are not gentle with buses at all, and buses are falling apart and rattling, so riding the bus while standing is very painful.

Now, the story: I’m going to my friend’s place in the suburbs, and the driver decided to use the entire speedometer. When I entered the bus, it was empty, so I sat in a seat that isn’t really for older people or people with special needs, but it’s not the narrowest either, just enough space for my legs.

A Karen got on board…

After 20 minutes, the bus became crowded, and at one stop, this woman entered. Americans would call her Karen, so I’ll call her that too. Karen was around 50 years old, and as she was looking for a seat, she noticed me, probably because I was the youngest. The conversation went like this:

Karen: You young people never give up your seats for older ones.

Me: I would, but I injured my leg.

Karen: EXCUSE ME. Get up now, or I’ll force you.

They tried to reason with her.

Me: I’m not lying; my leg really hurts. It hurts even when I sit, let alone when I stand.

Karen tried to pull me up, but I weighed 75kg, even though I didn’t look it, so she couldn’t budge me.

Karen: Prove it.

Me: What should I prove that I’m injured?

Karen: YES.

Me: Okay.

This was gonna be gross.

I took off my shoe and sock, which was incredibly painful in front of the whole bus, and also because I pulled it off abruptly, a scab came off, and it started bleeding. The whole bus fell silent (except for a woman talking on the phone).

Me: Are you enjoying watching my feet?

She got off at the next stop, I don’t know if out of embarrassment or because it was really her stop. I just told the onlookers not to ask me anything and put on my headphones.

I got off the bus a few stops later and, walking like a zombie, reached my friend’s place. My sock was even bloodier by then, but it was worth it.”

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Take care of that leg!

What a story!

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