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Entitled Family Members Refused To Wear Helmets During Their Ski Lessons, So Their Cousin Told Them To Go Find Something Else To Do

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@sunshinevillage

Safety first, right?

Well…I guess not everyone lives by those words of wisdom

And you’re about to hear from a woman who decided to put her SKI BOOT down when she refused to give lessons to folks who didn’t want to wear helmets.

Was she wrong?

Read on and see what you think…

AITA for refusing to teach my cousin and his gf to ski because they didn’t want to wear helmets?

“On Sat I picked up my cousin and his gf from their Airbnb.

They are rookies on the slopes.

They are from the south and never skied before. I live an hour from one of the best ski resorts in the US and I’m a pretty good skier so I invited them to come skiing. They had been on bunny hills the previous year but otherwise no other experience.

I didn’t check that they had helmets. I just told them to go to a ski rental place where it’s cheaper than at the resort to get skis, poles, boots, ski pants and a helmet.

My bf came in his car and we got to the ski resort and there I noticed they didn’t have ski pants and a helmet. I told them they would be miserable without ski pants and they were also missing a helmet. The ski rental place on the slopes had a helmet but no ski pants.

They wouldn’t listen…

His gf wanted to wear leggings skiing which I told them would be a terrible idea but they ignored me and told me they didn’t want to wear helmet either. I told them I wasn’t going to be taking them without a helmet and they argued it was their choice.

Turns out they wanted to take photos and thought helmets made them look dorky. They also before coming here said they were scared that skiing was dangerous and I had to assure them we wouldn’t be doing anything dangerous. So how can they be worried for their safety but refuse to wear a helmet?!

I told them to stay at the resort and rent out some snowshoes or cross country skiing as there was also some other things to do and my bf and I would be skiing.

She told them how it was gonna work…

They argued with me for nearly an hour that I couldn’t control what they did and they paid for the rentals so they should be allowed to ski. Finally I told them they could do what they wanted but I’m not teaching them and left.

They didn’t do anything just moped around and I kind of feel bad that they didn’t do anything with their day but AITA for refusing to teach them because they wouldn’t wear a helmet?

I don’t want to be responsible for them and have them get a brain injury because they decided to be idiots. But since it was their choice should I have taught them and if they got hurt it was on them?”

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I would’ve done the same thing!

Nice work!

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