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Girlfriend Won Money That Made Things Financially Comfortable, But Boyfriend Accused Her Of Lying About Being Business Savvy

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@vmacevedo

How soon is too soon to talk about finances when you’re in a relationship with someone?

That’s a tricky one, huh?

And the woman who wrote this story on Reddit wants to know if she was wrong for not telling her BF that she won a chunk a dough a while back.

Read on and see what you think about this story…

AITA for not telling my boyfriend I won money 15 years ago?

“My boyfriend (35m) and I (35f) were discussing finances as we wanted to be on the same page.

My boyfriend moved in with me unexpectedly three months ago as his landlord decided to move into the property with his family.

She told him what was up…

We were discussing finances and the topic of how I own my place came up.

I explained I won some money (not a lot but enough to be able to put myself through nursing school, purchase my home and have some savings) back in 2009 and bought my place outright and then rented it out until I moved back into it in late 2018.

He had a strange reaction to the news…

Obviously I had some luck on my side as this was right in the middle of the recession so I got my place for real cheap.

He says I deceived him by giving him the impression that I was a financially well off and that I led him to believe I was more business savvy then I was.

I don’t know how I did that because I literally work as a nurse make decent money, fully own my home, fully own my car, have decent retirement plans and decent savings.

I’m fairly certain that I am financially better off than most people I know.

This guy sounds like a nut job.

He says that he can’t trust me anymore and that he was stupid to have listened to my financial advice but the thing is I never gave him any financial advice, except for telling him not to buy a car that was in my opinion unreliable and much too expensive.

Did I deceive him by not telling him how I got myself financially stable?

FYI we have been dating for almost a year and a half.”

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And this person said this story is almost unbelievable because of how this guy is acting.

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This relationship doesn’t seem like it’s gonna last…

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