February 8, 2024 at 9:33 pm

Uncle Saved His Nephew’s Life, But His Brother Refuses To Buy Him A New Phone

by Trisha Leigh

AITAAskingBrotherForNewPhone Uncle Saved His Nephews Life, But His Brother Refuses To Buy Him A New Phone

If there is one thing that ratchets up a parents’ anxiety, it’s having young children at a house with an unsecured swimming pool.

You know the stats and how quickly things can happen – I don’t have to write them here.

OP’s young nephew got away from his brother and fell in the pool.

My (19M) brother (24M) was watching his son (3M) when they were over at our parents place this weekend, but he got distracted for a minute and my nephew fell into the backyard swimming pool.

OP heard the commotion and saved him.

Thank god I heard it in time and jumped into the pool and saved him – we are all aware a tragedy could have happened, everyone is still in shock and my father already started working on gating the pool.

His phone was ruined in the process but his brother doesn’t want to pay.

I did have another kind of financial loss though, because I had my cellphone in my pocket when I jumped in the pool, and is toast now.

I told my brother I will look to buy a new one and send him the bill; he thinks he is not responsible for paying and says he can not believe that’s what I’m thinking about after his son almost d–d.

His mom says to give him time, but should he?

So I said it was HIS fault that his son almost died, he should be down on his knees thanking God and kissing my feet for saving his son’s life, and the least he can do is pay for a phone of my choice.

My mother says to give him time. AITA for insisting here?

You know Reddit is going to have a lot of thoughts on this one.

The top comment says there’s no time to waste.

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Some people do think OP could try to mitigate some costs.

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This person thinks the situation is a little more complicated.

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And this commenter agrees.

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Lots of people were stuck on “phone of my choice” wording.

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I think this is a little icky to read.

That said, his brother should absolutely replace his phone.

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