February 16, 2024 at 7:38 pm

Her Ex Didn’t Want To Pay Paltry Child Support, So She Used His Temper To Exact Revenge

by Trisha Leigh

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Man, getting married and/or having kids with someone feels like such a huge gamble these days.

As they say, the person you married is not the same person you divorce.

OP had a child with a man she left before their baby was even born.

My friend said to post this here. My ex is an abusive pile of shit and we had a kid together.

I left him while I was pregnant, but I would take the baby to see him on his lunch hour occasionally.

The court ordered minimal child support, and when it increased, he pitched a fit.

He paid $29 US a month in child support for a very long time. I got it reviewed when he got that job and it went to $89 US a month.

When he found out “how much” it went up he threw a screaming temper tantrum in his work and chased me out of the building with our 9 month old. We had family court a few days later and he blamed me for everything.

He even got his friend to lie and say he was there and I started it.

Thankfully a judge didn’t change it, but OP was out for blood.

The judge thankfully didn’t believe him, but I was told to continue these terrible visits at his work. Now for the revenge.

It was a furniture rental store and he would constantly bad mouth customers in very detailed ways.

The next, and last time I took our baby there, I sat down with a small notepad and wrote down the names he and the other person said, how many months they said they were behind, how much they said owed, and every name he and his buddy called every single person.

There were quite a few racial slurs said that day. When time was up he had to leave and I told his boss. The boss didn’t do anything.

Then, she got her chance.

I knew 3 people he was badmouthing and I knew how to get in touch with 5 or so others.

I worked my way through that list telling people exactly how their personal financial info was being released and the names they were called.

He and his buddy lost their jobs the next day and the owner filed a restraining order against them. I didn’t feel bad at all.

And when she did, she took out a whole store along with her.

I forgot to include that as unintentional effect this was a final straw that got the store closed down.

People called corporate to complain, it was in our local paper, and in our local news.

I wonder if Reddit will think she went too far…

It really is a sad state of affairs.

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Not all men, of course.

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Eighty-nine dollars.

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You would think people would want to take care of their kids.

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This is almost more disgraceful, honestly.

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See what I mean?

You’re taking a chance having kids with someone, for sure.

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