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Her Sister Told Her To Stop “Bragging” About Her Perfect Pregnancy, But She Doesn’t Think She Should Have To Walk On Eggshells

by Trisha Leigh

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Family dynamics can be oddly fragile things; relationships you always believed would be the longest and strongest of your life can sometimes break with unexpected speed.

In OP’s case, a falling out with her sister caused the family to be less than warm when she had her first child.

My (f24) sister(f29) has a 18 month old baby girl.

Her pregnancy was very rough, she was very sick, her husband and her separated in the middle of her pregnancy and she didn’t have a lot of support from our parents (which isn’t their fault, they were LC before she got pregnant because of some stuff my sister and her husband did).

the problem our family had with her is regarding some inherited jewellery from our grandmother. She pawned them to go on an expensive vacation with her husband.

She got some of it back but lost a necklace that had been in our family for generations.

We all love our grandmother and really valued these things since they were important to her.

And she never acknowledged her mistake or apologized which is the worst of this, because if she had at least apologised and said that she was very sure that she’ll be able to get the items back, then it would’ve been different I think.

She knows she hurt us, but never even apologized for hurting our feelings and our grandma’s memory (and all of this happened before she got pregnant).

This was just the last straw for our parents to go LC, since my sister and her husband constantly disrespected our family’s feelings, over and over again.

Lately they’ve gotten back in touch again and are fixing their relationship.

Now OP is pregnant and things look different.

I am 35 weeks pregnant as well and my pregnancy wasn’t entirely hard, my husband and I have a good relationship, even better now I’d say.

My relationship with my parents and our siblings has always been good too and besides some minor inconveniences my pregnancy has been going great so far

My mother is planning to move in with us for one or two weeks (we’ll see) after I give birth to help me out, which is something she didn’t do for my sister.

We were discussing this last Saturday because our parents had a family dinner and both of us were invited. Our parents, and our SIL (brother’s wife) were asking me about my pregnancy as well and if we were preparing for the baby.

I don’t feel like we were only talking about me/ my baby, like we were all having normal conversations about work, politics, football, stuff we regularly talk about.

Her sister snapped at having to hear the difficult comparisons.

However, when I was telling them about my last check up, my sister told me that it’s not right to “brag”

I asked her what she meant because I wasn’t bragging at all. She told me that talking about how good and perfect my pregnancy has been so far is bragging.

Once again I told her I am not bragging, my mom backed me up on that. Yeah well, as soon as our mother spoke up my sister blew up.

She accused me of being mean, of being a golden child, of wanting to drag the attention back to me, of being overbearing, etc. She said that I’m enjoying that she and her daughter are second class citizens to our family because she’s sure that everyone will spoil my baby as they spoil me.

That I’m “faking weakness to gain sympathy and have everyone pampering me”.

Harsh words were exchanged and the sister was asked to leave.

I told her to not blame me for her mistakes, because if she didn’t have a great support system it is because of her own fault and not mine. She called me “selfish and spoiled brat” and I called her “bitter and envious b—h”. She also had a fight with our parents and my husband

Lastly, our dad told her to leave. My husband and I stayed a bit longer and we were all talking badly about her, I admit that.

Now that I’m thinking about it I wonder if I made a mistake? Our whole family is rethinking if they want to go LC with her again so I don’t know, I’m just doubting myself

OP is wondering whether she (and really all of them) are being too harsh.

The top comment says sometimes kids really do go too far.

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There are always consequences to actions, after all.

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This person agrees the family has good reason to keep their distance.

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Especially when family is taking advantage of you.

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But this commenter was quick to take the sister’s side.

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This one looks tough on the surface.

I’m inclined to feel sorry for the sister, though, too.

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