February 12, 2024 at 12:51 am

His Girlfriend Doesn’t Spend Money Wisely And Wants Him To Help Her Financially, But He’ll Only Help Her If He’s There To Supervise Her Spending

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@King_of_Argus

Mo’ money, mo’ problems…

And in this case, mo’ money equals mo’ girlfriend problems.

Is this guy a jerk for how he’s treating his GF when it comes to money?

Check out what he had to say…

AITA for not supporting my girlfriend financially?

“I (24 m) have been in a relationship with my first girlfriend (29 f) for about a month now. I’ve known her roughly since the middle of April.

She struggles financially as she is currently without a job to take care of her mental health, while I just finished my master’s degree last year and now have a job at a big firm that pays very well for my age.

His girlfriend is in a tough spot.

She told me today that she has no money left for the rest of the months and asked me to lend her money so that she can buy groceries and really has no options left.

And they came up with a solution.

I know that she tends to spend money on stuff she wants instead of stuff she needs (like clothing or cosmetics over food) as she both showed me that since we knew each other and seem to not take advice on that matter.

So I felt uncomfortable just giving her money.

We agreed on a compromise she suggested that we go shopping together and I just pay for the groceries.

A few hours later she calls me and says that she talked with her friends about the situation and is now mad at me that I “treat her like a child who can’t take care of herself“ (real quote).

Things have escalated between them.

And she also thinks I am a jerk because I forced that on her and says I make her feel bad because I‘m going on vacation soon.

I worked a lot of overtime the last few months and wanted to relax, I also booked the vacation before I knew how much she is struggling currently.

She also tells me I don’t know understand how she feels and says that I don’t know the real world as I still live with my mother.

I know that and she knows I am actively searching for my own place to rent right now.


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At least he’s buying her groceries.

That’s something, right?