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His Girlfriend Was Caught Speeding But She Wants Him To Take The Blame. He Refuses And She Loses Her License. Now She’s Livid.

by Trisha Leigh

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You can be as careful as you want out there on the roads, the truth is that all of us speed sometimes – and eventually, you get caught.

The pinch point in this case is that they were caught by a camera, and one of them has a lot more to lose.

OP lives in the UK, where driving infractions incurred during your first two years of having a license are held against you.

Me and my GF live with each other and have been together for 6 years. I have had my driving license for 9 years and my girlfriend has had her license for about 18 months.

How it works in the UK, is that for each driving offence you commit you get 3 points and if you gain 12 your licence gets suspended. Points expire after 48 months anyways.

For new drivers, if you gain 6 points within your first 2 years your license also gets suspended.

For your first speeding offence you get to take a speed awareness course whixh only takes 2 hours after that, you get 3 points for each offence.

His girlfriend got caught speeding for a second time during that probation period by a camera.

So my GF was on 3 points and driving my car was caught by a speed camera driving at 42 in a 30 zone.

I initially got sent the letter as the vehicle was registered in my name and had to let them know who was driving. If I said it was me I’d have to take a small speed awareness course which only takes 2 hours and is over zoom but if I told them it was my GF then she’d get another 3 points.

Meaning she’d get her license suspended, have to wait 6 months to reapply, retake her driving and theory tests and take a mandatory 10 hours worth of lessons. All this would probs amount to about £500.

I’ve got no reason to not put my own name other than wanting to keep my driving record spotless (which isn’t really a good reason).

But I just don’t want to have that on my license even though I know it won’t affect me as I’m unlikely to reoffend.

She wants him to say he was driving, and his family agrees it’s the right thing to do.

I told my GF I’m telling DVLA it was her who drove and she flipped out on me, saying it makes no difference to me to say I was driving. But with her she would lose her license.

I told her it was her own fault, which annoyed her even more because I was being unreasonable. Her not driving doesn’t really affect me, whenever we’re both going somewhere I drive anyways, only means she’d have to wake up an hour earlier to get public transport to work.

Everyone I’ve spoken to about this including my own family members have said I’m being petty and might aswell take a speed awareness course.

As it won’t affect me at all as I’d have to speed about 5 more times in the next 3 years to lose my license.

OP can’t explain why he’s resisting, but he doesn’t want to do it.

So AITA for refusing to take a speed awareness course for no good reason (only reason, is I just don’t want to take it, I can’t justify why not) and therefore making my GF lose her driving license?

Does Reddit think he should just bite the bullet? Let’s find out!

The top comment points out that OP would have to perjure himself to do as she asked.

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This person says his girlfriend is being irresponsible and should be reprimanded.

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After all, the system is there for a reason.

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We all want other drivers to be responsible on the road.

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There’s no reason for OP to go out on that limb.

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I can see how this would cause a fight.

That said, I wouldn’t give in if I were OP.

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