February 29, 2024 at 1:45 am

HR Didn’t Inform Employee He Had PTO, So He Was “Sick” Most Of His Last Two Weeks On The Job

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

It seems like it should be illegal to not let people know that they have or have earned time off, but if you believe the internet, it happens all of the time.

Too many people never figure it out, either.

OP worked a hard job for not much pay and no time off.

My EMT job largely hired 18-22 year olds who usually had this as their first ever job.

They heavily emphasized that employees who are part time get no PTO but kept the state provided illness PTO heavily under wraps, so the majority of people had ZERO clue that it could be used at anytime you had to call in sick.

Even during Covid, no one had paid time off.

I had gotten sick many times during my time working there bc it was COVID era and not once did they breathe about taking paid time off, despite there being an entire process involving HR to take time off for COVID.

Grant it yes they could have assumed i knew or whatever but trust me when I say this place was predatory when it came to paying us MINIMUM WAGE as EMTs and not a single person that even worked there for years knew about it.

Or at least, that’s what they thought.

On my second to last day of my 2 week notice, I discovered that there was an indication of PTO in my file which we all largely ignored since we were told we don’t get any PTO. Here is how the convo went.

**Me**: “I noticed that my file states i have unused PTO. I’m confused because we were told we don’t receive PTO at all since we’re part time.”

**HR**: “That’s state mandated PTO for illness.”

**Me**: “Well since I haven’t used it will I see it in my last paycheck?”

**HR**: “No it’s only for illness leave.”

They weren’t going to budge, either.

**Me**: “I got COVID twice working here and had to take weeks off. Can it be used retroactively for that?”

**HR**: “No it has to be requested at the same time as when you’re taking off.”

**Me**: “That would have been nice to know when I contacted HR multiple times for sick leave regarding COVID, weird how no one thought to offer it or ask if I intended on using it.”

**Me**: “I have two shift left this week that I am willing to work, but can we figure out a way for me receive the health PTO?”

**HR**: “No that’s not possible. You will also be unable to request a recommendation letter if you call off at all during your two week notice due to a lack of professionalism.”

**Me**: “So in order for me to get that money I would have had to call in sick and request that I use my medical PTO at the same time?”

**HR**: “yes”

So, OP started feeling a bit off…

**Me**: “okay so I’m calling to let you know that I have to call off today and tomorrow because I am not feeling well. I would like to use my PTO.”

**HR**: “well are you really sick”

**Me**: “if i am sick will I get to use my medical PTO?”

**HR**: “well yes but –”

**Me**: “then yes I am sick. I will be using all 16 hours of my PTO health leave. I also want to make sure this is documented as an excused medical absence so I am not penalized for calling off of shifts during my two week notice.”

Well done.

This person has some very good advice.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But this person says maybe not.

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These people should definitely be paid more than they are.

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They do hope he paid it forward.

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And maybe he does have more coming.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Bravo for him standing up for himself.

I sure hope he let his fellow employees in on the details, too.

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