February 19, 2024 at 7:19 am

Instacart Got Caught Using Gross AI Images In Place Of Real Food

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit

We know now that AI is everywhere. Sometimes it’s still easy to see, easy to spot.

Other times, though, it looks just enough off that those who are savvy can pick it out.

After you check out some of these Instacart images, you’ll have to decide how keen your eye is.

Companies everywhere are, of course, using AI to save money get around copyrights, which is probably why Instacart thought they should give it a go.

Source: Reddit

The effects, though, leave something to be desired.

Most of the pictures accompany entries for common ingredients, or even recipes, and in case you’re wondering, Instacart does admit that AI is behind them.

Even so, they have been deleting them in the wake of Business Insider’s recent report.

Source: Reddit

In it, they lambast companies using tech that is still imperfect (by a long shot) to boost content creation on the cheap. The result is, of course, a flood of low quality – and in this case, gross – images all over the internet.

And honestly, if you want people to buy food, it should look marginally appetizing.

There are dozens of examples on Reddit, but a few of the most egregious are these “salted chocolate pretzels.”

Source: Reddit

Others include floating pieces of “green onion,” a mug made out of chocolate cake, and a roasted chicken with four wings.

Source: Reddit

A spokesperson was forced to issue a statement.

“We are optimizing for the best user experience, and we are constantly iterating on our product to align with consumer expectations as generative AI technology matures.”

Based on what I’ve seen, there are going to be quite a few more “iterations” before they get it right.

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