February 26, 2024 at 9:29 pm

‘There’s a reason why this isn’t advertised.’ – Taxpayer Shows People Who To Find Out If The Government Owes Them Money

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@averybrynn1

People, this is a video that you’re going to want to pay attention to!

A woman named Avery posted a video on TikTok and gave viewers advice about how to do research to find out if they might be owed money by the federal government.

She explained, “I just found out that if you go to your state’s treasury’s website, there’s a huge list of all the money that the government owes people. If you’re on that list, you can literally reach out and they will send you a check.”

Source: TikTok/@averybrynn1

Avery continued, “I don’t think you understand. There are thousands of y’all that could be in Cabo this weekend.”

She explained that the money could come from different things like tax refunds or class-action lawsuits.

Source: TikTok/@averybrynn1

She added, “I think that there’s a reason why this isn’t advertised. It is quite literally free money. This is how we’re going to fix everything. It’s like a delayed Christmas. Decided. This is how we’re paying for Europe girl summer this year. See ya in Greece.”

Sounds good to us!

Source: TikTok/@averybrynn1

Here’s the video.


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And here’s how people reacted on TikTok.

One person said her husband got a big payday.

Source: TikTok/@averybrynn1

Another individual was rewarded with a small amount of money.

Source: TikTok/@averybrynn1

And this TikTokker said this is harder than it sounds where they live.

Source: TikTok/@averybrynn1

Give it a shot!

You never know…

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