February 28, 2024 at 6:35 pm

Wife’s Friend Constantly Shows Up Unannounced And Overstays Her Welcome. Now He Wants Her To Leave, But His Wife Think He’s Being Mean.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@SchoolSpiritsFan

You can leave now. Actually, you MUST leave now.

Have you ever had to give someone the boot out of your house?

Yeah, it’s not pleasant. But was this guy out of line for doing this to his wife?

Read on to get all the details below.

AITA for asking my wife to ask her friend to leave?

“My wife has a friend, we can call her “Berta”.

Berta likes to show up unannounced, often in an emergency, and late at night.

These two are thick as thieves.

My wife has been friends with Berta for years and through rough circumstances. I’ve seen my wife wake me up and herself up in the middle of the night to go pick up Berta from the airport.

We’ve offered Berta a place to stay on our couch in the past.

The problem is Berta never really asks, nor does my wife. I show up, she is already there, and my wife asks if it’s okay she uses our bathroom to get ready for work but doesn’t ask if it’s okay Berta even stay the night.

Berta has stayed a few nights now.

Each day, waits until evening and I say something and my wife says that the day is included in asking to stay for the night.

Then another night passes.

He was in for a shocker.

I come home today, after a stressful day and expect to get some privacy.

I go to my bedroom and Berta is sleeping in my bed, with my wife. Talking about their day.

I passive aggressively texted my wife that I had to take a massive stinking dump.

And I hope Berta doesn’t mind hearing or smelling it.

Both got upset.

I feel like my boundaries and consent is being violated. I’m tired. I just want to be home at peace. I just want to be gross in peace.

I want quiet again in my home so I can grade. I want to watch my shows in peace.

His wife isn’t happy with him.

My wife thinks I’m being cruel, that I have too many rules and like she can’t have friends.

Only today she left me know Berta is houseless and has nowhere to go. So I guess she is staying longer? My wife says since it’s her house too I can’t say what happens with her guests.

Money is tight for us as is. I support us on my own income. And Berta uses a lot of electricity while I’m at work and eats our food.

I’m upset my wife didn’t tell me this before I said yes. I want my wife to have friends, I really do.

But this friend overstayed her welcome.

AITA for asking my wife to make this friend leave?”

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One reader said he’s NTA at all.

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This individual said it’s clear his wife is putting her friend first.

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This individual made a good point.

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Another Reddit user said he might want to worry about this relationship…

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And this person said he needs to stop being passive aggressive.

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I think I would’ve done the same thing.

Get out, Berta!

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