March 24, 2024 at 1:26 pm

Aunt Was Outraged When Toddlers Don’t Thank Her For Their Gifts, But Mom Tells Her To Keep The Gifts Because Her Kids Couldn’t Care Less

by Ryan McCarthy

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Little kids are not exactly known for their stellar manners.

How many times have you heard a kid say something like: “Mommy, why doesn’t that man have any hair?” or “Mommy, that woman is so fat!”

And while you should try as much as you can to teach your kids good manners, their bound to do something “rude” or “inconsiderate” sooner rather than later.

But when this user’s sons weren’t excited over a gift their Great-Aunt got them, it started a fight that ended with OP telling the Aunt her kids didn’t care about the gifts anyway!

Check it out!

AITA for telling my aunt to keep her gifts since my kids couldn’t care less about them?

I have two toddler sons. They’re just like any other toddler and are pretty self absorbed.

Currently, one adores cars and the other loves the color red. Toddler 1 won’t play with anything but cars and toddler 2 will only play with red toys.

My mom hosted a party the other night and one of my aunts came. She bought a bunch of gifts for all the kids.

The older kids were respectful and accepted their gifts, but my sons simply glanced at the toys, noticed they weren’t cars or red, and moved onto something else.

But their apparent lack of gratitude had OP’s aunt PRESSED!

I thanked her for the toys and made a joke about how unpredictable toddlers are after realizing that she looked upset but she rolled her eyes and said “that was rude.”

I told her that they’re toddlers and she said “so? My kids knew how to say thank you by the time they were 3.”

She made a noise and said “learning to be rude.” I told her she was being a little sensitive and that they’re literally babies.

They don’t even understand the concepts of being “rude” or “ungrateful.”

But soon the argument escalated, with the aunt refusing to buy them any more toys, and OP telling her to take her gifts back!

She got annoyed and said fine then, don’t expect any more presents after today.

She also said she hates entitled parents like me who are blinded by their children and think they can do no wrong.

I said whatever, and told her she could keep the gifts she bought for today since my kids couldn’t care less about them.

She got all red in the face and said now she knows why the boys are so rude but I just grabbed the kids and my husband and left.

The toddlers are definitely too young to really understand manners, but it sounds like OP might be struggling herself in that category!

I was extremely angry at the moment but now I’m just in disbelief. Who gets offended by a toddler?

My mom says my aunt is very upset with me and is threatening to uninvite us from her Christmas dinner (Aunt is hosting this year) unless I apologize and promise to raise my kids better.

My mom thinks we’re being ridiculous and I should just say sorry but I said no.

I just can’t wrap my head around why she’s so angry. AITA?

The aunt definitely needs to grow a thicker skin if she’s getting offended by two toddlers. But OP probably shouldn’t have told the aunt that the kids hated her gifts, and to take them back!

Reddit was pretty split on this one, with some saying OP definitely should have encouraged the kids to thank her Aunt.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Or that the Aunt really actually justifiably upset by OP’s behavior, not her kids’.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But other people thought that the Aunt overstepped by criticizing OP’s kids.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Or this person who says that OP thanking the Aunt for her kids was more than enough.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But most people thought the both of them were being unreasonable in their own unique way.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I mean, it never hurts to teach your kids good manners even from an early age.

But getting your nose bent out of joint because two toddlers didn’t thank you is a different type of crazy!

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