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Awful Neighbors Wouldn’t Stop Parking In Their Driveway And Using Their Pool, So They Put Up A New Fence And Had Them Arrested

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@zacgudakov

You’re about to read a story that features what I think might be the worst neighbors I’ve ever read about in a Reddit story.

Goodness gracious, these folks are nuts!

But the good news is this person got revenge on them!

Take a look at what happened.

Neighbors used my property as their own. Paid for new fence.

“I recently bought a house and have been having some work done before I move in. It was empty on the market for about 6 or 8 months before I bought it.

They got a call…

One morning I got a call from my contractor, asking me about moving the cars in the driveway, and of course I had no idea what he was talking about. I hadn’t moved in yet.

I left my job site and drove nearly a half hour to get there. As soon as I arrived, the people on the east side of me were walking toward the cars.

Not anymore!

I asked if they were their cars and they said yes. They told me that they had been parking there for a few months with permission from the owners. I informed them that I was the new owner and they can’t park there any longer.

We went back and forth, and with the intention of being a good neighbor and trying to show some good will, I agreed to allow them to park there for a few more weeks until I move in; with the agreement that they would move them by 6 am every morning.

The rest of the week went by without incident. The contractor called me about scheduling a walk thru on Saturday, and we set a time for early afternoon.


When I arrived, there were 4 cars in the driveway, and nowhere to park. (the only on-street parking is 2 blocks away.) I called them and asked them to move their vehicles- reminding them of our agreement. After 20 minutes, they finally came out and moved them.

Speaking with them, they claimed to have misunderstood and thought out agreement only referred to weekdays and not weekends. I corrected them and moved on.

Here we go again.

Sunday morning, I grabbed a trailer and loaded some furniture to take over and store in the garage. Once again, there were cars in the driveway. I called them and got VM. I texted and said they had until a tow truck could arrive, to get them moved. No answer. I called a tow company.

45 minutes later, 2 tow trucks showed up, backed in and hooked up to the cars. All of the sudden, the neighbors were home. They ran out to stop their cars from being towed, and it ended up costing them a little over $300 to get them unhooked.

I called my contractor and asked if he knew someone who could put in a driveway gate, and he did. I let the neighbors know that they could no longer use my driveway.

Good grief!

On Wednesday, I get a call from the gate installer, telling me that there are cars in the driveway. I called them and said tow trucks are on the way. They moved.

The gate was installed and I went by to pick up the opener that evening. The neighbor husband came out to confront me, and I opted to just call the PD, and deal with it legally.

That Saturday, I went by to accept an outdoor furniture delivery, and check on things when I noticed a towel beside the pool and a small kids flotation device. My initial thought was that I just hadn’t noticed it before, so I wrote it off and threw them both in the trash.

On Saturday, the movers arrived with everything and we began moving things in.

About 7pm, my daughter and I left to go grab some dinner, arriving back at the house around 930 pm.

These people were unbelievable.

The neighbors were in my pool. They were hanging out and using my furniture. When I opened the door and began raising hell, they told the kids to go to the house and the children ran to a corner of our fence and just walked through.

They had cut out the privacy fence so it could be removed and had been using the pool at their leisure for who knows how long.

Bad move!

Again, I called the police and filed a complaint. The dad was arrested for trespassing, DPP, and an outstanding warrant, and the oldest boy (20M) for an outstanding warrant.

I replaced the fence with a new one, because they had destroyed the posts, runners and pickets by removing and reinstalling the panel. Small claims awarded me the total cost of 83′ of 8′ privacy fence, which came out to $3,800.

The following Monday morning around 5am, their cars were parked in the street, where there’s no street parking, so I made a phone call. They were gone when I left at 7am.

I haven’t been paid yet, but I did notice a For Rent sign in their yard this morning, so that’s just as good.

Good riddance.”

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Good riddance to bad rubbish!

That’s what I say about those neighbors!

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