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Brother-In-Law Won’t Stop Bugging Her About Wanting To Date Her Friends, So She Told Them About His Shady Past

by Matthew Gilligan

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Isn’t it weird when people act like total creeps and then they get all bent out of shape when folks call them on it?

You bet it’s weird!

And I think the guy you’re about to meet in this story needs to have his head examined…

Was this woman wrong for putting his bad behavior on blast?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for “ruining” my brother in law’s reputation by telling the truth to my friends?

“My in laws are currently furious with me for hurting my brother in law’s feelings and reputation with my friend group.

Recently my single brother in law “Chris” (38m) has been hinting at me to introduce him to women and I’ve refused.

This guy isn’t having any luck.

Chris has been single for almost three years and he has been having a hard time meeting women. He tried flirting with my friend but she had been cold and non-receptive.

This was my friend “Grace” (35f). Grace is not interested in him due to his inability to be faithful and she wasn’t physically attracted to him. He tried to flirtatiously engage with her during a small party my husband and I had last Saturday (my husband got a long awaited promotion so we had a little party).

During the party Grace had grown frustrated with his incessant flirting and at some point told him in no uncertain terms that she found him physically ugly and that his physical ugliness is only surpassed by the ugliness of his character. She told him this in private and so no other guest had heard her scathing review of his personhood.

Then they got a phone call…

Chris left the party. The following afternoon while my husband and I were nursing a wicked hangover, my in laws to my suprise called to scold me for having abused and embarrassed Chris.

After a few minutes of us shouting back and forth on the phone, I reminded my husband that handling his family was his job. So while my husband argued with his parents I reviewed our security cameras.

And Grace verbally tore him apart! Grace reminded him that he cheated and divorced his late ex-wife “Lily” while she was battling cancer and that he then got dumped by the mistress for being a cheater as he continued to cheat on her.

She didn’t hold back.

Grace told him that he wasn’t a man of any significant value other than the few coins he had in the bank and that there’s no way in hell she’d entertain his delusions of ****** grandeur and beauty. She also said the only thing he had going for him was his over bloated job title as an executive director to a third rate company that will probably collapse in the next five years.

As a parting gift she told him to consider some cosmetic work to improve his haggard appearance and perhaps to start praying for divine intervention to fix his rotten soul since there is no way a psychotherapist could ever come close to fixing whatever is wrong with him.

Uh oh…

My in laws and Chris feel that I shouldn’t have told my friends what Chris did because he’s now perceived by my girlfriends as a terrible person. I told them he was unfortunately a terrible person and people would’ve always found out what happened between him and the late, great Lily.

I then discussed what happened with my colleague “Natasha”, she said I was cruel for having told my friend group about what happened between Chris and his ex-wife because Chris had grown a lot in the past two years and didn’t need to be known for the worst thing he has ever done. Natasha is dating Chris’s friend, so she also knows him.

FYI-I’ve only discussed Chris’s treatment of Lily with my direct friend group and that’s only 6 people and half of them already knew as they were also friends with Lily. So it’s not like I’m screaming hear ye hear ye in the town square.”

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Mess around and find out!

He sounds like a real creep…

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