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Dinner Guests Made Fun Of His Job Because They Assumed He Was Poor. He Proved Them Wrong By Picking Up The Whole Tab.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@old-guy-50

I’ll show you…

Anytime anyone makes fun of someone else’s job or how much money they make, they deserve to be dealt with swiftly and without mercy.

Take a look at how this guy made some jerks feel really stupid because they mocked him about his job.

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Friends called me a Fake Engineer, I bought their dinner.

“My daughter 17, asked me to post this here.

He wasn’t too crazy about going to this dinner…

And I’m the Dad who does as the women in my life tell me, which is how I ended up in a restaurant tonight with snobs.

So the characters, my wife, wife’s coworker 1 and her husband arrogant engineer 1(AE1), wife’s coworker 2 and her husband my CPA, and Lastly AE2 and his wife. Each couple has two teenage children with us.

We are at a Japanese steakhouse in America where the chefs cook in front of you. CW1 and AE1 invited all of us for their youngest daughter’s birthday. Since their daughter is close with our daughter. So the parents are at one table and the teens at another.

Sounds like a good night!

At the teen table my daughters (17 and 14) order sushi appetizers, mocktails, and shrimp with scallops. At our table the Sake is flowing along with a few top shelf drinks. My wife and I order our appetizers, drinks and dinners. We are all paying for ourselves and I see AE1 and AE2 seem to in competition for who can spend the most.

Then someone made a remark…

My CPA and I chuckle at them and stay out of the fray. Until AE2 hears my daughter order and says to her, “careful now your daddy is only and agricultural engineer. He doesnt make as much as us real engineers.”

For context they are structural engineers with Bachelor degrees, I’m an agricultural engineer with a PHD.

I work for governments, private investors, and several agro corporations. I own my own consulting firm. I help build sustainable reusable gardens. And this work allows me to travel to poorer countries and help them use what they have to start growing their own food.

These guys were in for it.

Apparently these men thought All I did was travel to impoverished places and teach people to dig in the dirt. They believed I did all this work for free and therefore made very little money.

I’m not “rich” by any stretch, but Im comfortable. We dont do extravagance, so we have savings and my wife works. However in 2023 I was awarded a handsome contract to design tower gardens in several states. Its a seven figure contract over three years.

These guys wouldn’t give it a rest.

Back to dinner. These guys ask me about the most ridiculous things. Like “is it good to grow onions and carrots in the same garden?” And were laughing at me and my work until their wives told them to stop. I chalk it up to intoxicated arrogance and dont even bother to answer.

My CPA was laughing so hard he almost fell out of his chair. Apparently, he is AE1’s CPA as well. And knows the ins and outs of both our finances. AE1 taunts CPA to tell the table what he brought home last year after bonuses. CPA pulled up the figures on the phone and tells us.

Its about 1/3 of what I brought home in 2023. The CPA says “I have yours up want me to share?” I decline. And he nods.

Que another round of taunts. I go to the restroom and find the waiter.

Let’s show these guys who the boss is…

I pay for the whole check and leave a generous tip on top of what they added for a big party. After our sobert the waiter thanks me in front of everyone for the tip and wishes everyone a good night. AE1 and AE2 stare at me for a moment.

I smile nod and tell CPA to tell them my income last year. After which I simply said goodnight. Petty absolutely, gratifying, yes!”

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